Growth Where You Least Expect It

Adopting a growth mindset is a future-ready skill that will put you in demand

September 07, 2022 Photo

CAT season is upon us. Everyone in the insurance industry understands the devastating impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms, even ones categorized as minor. Unlike other areas of insurance, in claims, we experience first-hand the physical and emotional havoc they wreak. We speak to the homeowners who have lost all their family photos. We see the shock and confusion on the face of a young mother taking her children to a temporary shelter. We help people at their most vulnerable to rebuild and resume their lives. It’s a great responsibility that doesn’t get highlighted enough. To all you claims folks who may face extra workloads and longer hours this CAT season—hang in there. And thank you.

Experts have been predicting that the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will be well above average. I hope this forecast is wrong and the season remains quiet. Regardless of the outcome, preparation is the key to effectively managing the claims that will inevitably follow. Troy Stewart offers forward-thinking approaches in his article “What Adjusters Need to Know at the Peak of Hurricane Season”. He addresses data, technology, and the customer experience. What really resonated with me is his notion that we must remain agile and open to change to remain competitive. This doesn’t just apply to claims professionals.

Adopting a growth mindset—the belief that your skills, abilities, and outlook can change over time—is a future-ready skill that will put you in demand. As a lifelong learner, it’s a concept I wholeheartedly subscribe to. Humans do not have a finite amount of ability or intelligence. Scientific studies tell us that our brain’s neuroplasticity allows us to develop new skills, if we approach challenges with a growth mindset. That might be as formal as taking a class or as unassuming as brushing your teeth with your opposite hand or taking a different route to the market. Just remain open to the belief that you can change, and you’ll be amazed at the result. So what new experience are you going to try today?

All the best –

Ronna Ruppelt



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Ronna F. Ruppelt

Ronna F. Ruppelt, Esq. is chief executive officer of The CLM.

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