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photo Jim Pattillo is a litigation partner with Christian & Small LLP in Birmingham, Ala. jlpattillo@csattorneys.com

Articles by Jim Pattillo

A New Year’s Guide to Effective Partnerships with Defense Counsel 1/3/2012
Coverage Issues for Social Media Defamation in CGL and HO Policies 2/7/2012
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A Guide to Olympic Quality Mediation Results 8/7/2012
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For the Times, They Are a Changin’ 10/17/2012
Preparing for Your First Deposition 11/27/2012
A Roadmap for Guiding Your Insured Through Litigation 12/17/2012
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Intangibles of Case Evaluation, Part Two: Evaluating Opposing Counsel 2/20/2013
Intangibles of Case Evaluation, Part Three: Witness Credibility 3/22/2013
Allocation of Fault Among Joint Tortfeasors: This Is Not Child’s Play 4/24/2013
Top 10 Things to Do—and Not Do—While Waiting for a Jury Verdict 5/9/2013
Proper Use of Social Media Evidence in Litigation 6/21/2013
The Role of Battle-Tested Trial Skills in Case Evaluation 7/25/2013
Reaching the Decision Point in Litigation 8/27/2013
Looking to the Future: A Review of Tomorrow’s Lawyers 9/24/2013
Understanding the Generational Expectations of Claimants 10/16/2013
Paying Someone Else to Do Your Work 11/21/2013
Professional Conduct and Professionalism 12/24/2013
Strategies to Attack Punitive Damages Claims 1/21/2014
What’s It Going to Cost? A Look at Major Drivers of Legal Expense 3/31/2014
Navigating the False Advertising Claim 4/29/2014
How to Cool Off a Hot Mess 6/19/2014
Can Your Kids Get You Sued? 8/13/2014
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Building an All-Star Lineup for Litigation 3/23/2015
Sticking to the Honor Code 8/17/2018
Pulling the EUO Sword From the Policy Stone 3/25/2020
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