Peter A. Lynch

Cozen O’Connor

photo Peter A. Lynch is a member of the subrogation and recovery department at Cozen O’Connor. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @firesandrain.

Articles by Peter A. Lynch

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign 3/4/2013
Hot Work Losses 2/27/2014
Beware Thor’s Hammer 3/19/2015
Are Hoverboards Too Hot? 2/24/2016
Hi, I’m Listening 4/24/2017
Dante’s Inferno Revisited 1/16/2018
May the “Force” Be With You 1/8/2019
Winds of Change 1/9/2020

Lt. Col. Peter A. Lynch, USMCR, Ret.

Cozen O’Connor


Articles by Lt. Col. Peter A. Lynch, USMCR, Ret.

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