Jessica Mauch

Head of Primary Casualty Claims, AXIS


Mauch may be among the youngest people ever to assume the role of head of primary casualty claims at AXIS, but you wouldn’t know it as she carries herself with poise and maturity well beyond her years. It’s what led her nominator to write, “She deals with lawyers who are the most accomplished in each state—many of whom boast the ability to get runaway verdicts—and she takes them on with ease and finesse.”

Mauch attributes much of her success to the mentors who took an interest in her career, especially the female managers whom she says included her in meetings and conversations that helped expose her to learning opportunities and nourished a voracious appetite for knowledge. This “always learning” approach to her work has resulted in her earning her CCP and ACP from CLM’s Claims College (something she has encouraged many at AXIS to do as well), and she is responsible for chairing the AXIS New York Labor Law Forum, in which she plans and leads quarterly meetings with panel counsel to teach her and her team about the trends and issues they should be keeping an eye on.

She is also keen on spreading the word on what a great career claims can be for younger generations. In 2021, she participated on a panel titled “Attracting New Talent,” with the Maguire Academy of Insurance & Risk Management’s Insurance Claims Symposium through Saint Joseph’s University. She says getting to talent early is critical, since many only know about insurance if someone they know has made a career of it. Looking at Mauch’s career and successes so far, it’s an easy argument to make.

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