Jordan Plitt

Senior Equity Shareholder, The Cavanagh Law Firm


Rising to the rank of equity partner by age 36 is impressive enough, but add in descriptions such as scholar, educator, and thought leader, and you know you’re dealing with a phenom. Apart from being a trusted legal advisor to his clients on topics such as insurance coverage, good-faith claims handling, and emerging industry trends, Plitt is also an author, editor, professor, speaker, and litigator in the field of insurance law.

As senior editor and author of “Couch on Insurance, 3d”—the 27-volume authoritative treatise on insurance law cited by courts and used by attorneys throughout the country—Plitt is part of a team focused on rewriting and revising the treatise series. He cites this as among his most significant achievements. Plitt is also the author of the national treatise, “Practical Tools for Handling Insurance Cases,” a comprehensive and practical guide for insurance coverage litigation attorneys.

At The Cavanagh Law Firm in Phoenix, Plitt manages an experienced coverage and bad faith litigation practice group, which services clients regionally. In his law practice and as a contributing editor and editorial board member of Insurance Litigation Reporter, he has analyzed and reported on coverage issues in nearly every state across the country.

Plitt is also a law professor at the University of Arizona College of Law. He has been relied on as an expert consultant/witness for insurance coverage and bad faith cases throughout the United States. Plitt recently received his Associate in Claims (AIC) and Associate in Claims-Management (AIC-M) designations and is currently pursuing his CPCU designation.

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