Silvia Diaz Roa

Co-Founder, Product & Operations, ClaimDeck


Silvia Diaz-Roa's impressive path in insurtech, marked by innovation and leadership, began with inspiration from her sister, Adelaida Diaz-Roa, her role model and champion. Demonstrating her commitment to advancing in the insurtech field, Diaz-Roa co-founded ClaimDeck, which aims to improve the process of litigated claims resolution.

Her journey with ClaimDeck started during an internship at Hermes Law. While leading a digital transformation there, she identified a gap in legal tech solutions tailored to insurance defense. Collaborating with co-founder Dwayne Hermes, Diaz-Roa contemplated what such a solution might look like, and the resulting vision grew into into the platform ClaimDeck has become.

Diaz-Roa’s influence goes beyond her entrepreneurial achievements. Holding a dual graduate degree from Yale in Health Policy (MPH) and Business (MBA), plus an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and biochemistry, she brings a diverse range of knowledge to her role. Her expertise spans product development, analytics, sales, and customer success, showcasing her versatility and forward-thinking leadership.

A respected voice in the insurtech industry, Diaz-Roa has been a featured speaker at events like the 2022 CLM Litigation Management Symposium, sharing her insights and inspiring others. Her dedication to fostering a diverse and talented team is commendable, nurturing emerging talent and promoting inclusive growth.

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