Taylor Rawal

Litigation Specialist, SECURA Insurance Company


When Taylor Rawal finds something she is interested in, she fully immerses herself in it, and that personality trait has served her well in her professional career. When she decided she wanted to get involved with handling litigated claims full time, she pursued that goal with an unrivaled focus that led her to her current role at SECURA Insurance Company.

Rawal’s contributions to SECURA go beyond her skill in her claims role. For example, she applied and was selected for the company’s Foundational Leadership Program for aspiring leaders, and, while in the program, her group’s research and recommendations were instrumental in the company adopting a business simulation for all future Foundational Leadership participants to complete.

Beyond SECURA, Rawal has become a star within CLM, where members and fellows consistently benefit from her efforts. She serves on the Young Professionals Community board, is a frequent speaker at CLM events, and has written articles for, and been profiled in, CLM Magazine. She is also involved with local chapters as the Region 8 Regional Chair.

Rawal’s advice to other young professionals includes setting narrow goals and focusing on them. “It’s OK to say ‘no’ or ‘not now’ to something that doesn’t align with your career goals, and to say ‘yes’ and focus on what does,” she says.

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