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No Stone Unturned

Conducting thorough, ethical investigations in third-party liability claims and litigation

High-End Headaches

Why high-end home construction litigation is so difficult to resolve

Baby Steps in Florida

Proposed amendments to Florida’s Right to Repair Act are a good start, but not enough

Pay Up or Shut Down?

The Colonial Pipeline attack shines public light on pervasive cyber insurance issues

Lessons From the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

CLM fellows share their lessons learned from last year's busy season

A Grand Reopening

Do you hear that? It’s the beautiful sound of our country reopening

Understanding Medicare's Recovery Processes

How to leverage greater cost-savings for workers’ compensation, general liability, and no-fault claims payers

Trends in Workers’ Compensation Drug Payments

WCRI reports dermatological agents, NSAIDS lead prescription payments in 28 states

The Right Tools for the Job

What you need for a thorough and ethical investigation in first-party claims

Coverage in the Courts

A look at 2020’s key insurance coverage and bad faith decisions

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