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Matters of the Mind

Managing mental health claims proactively

Managing a Risk

Could wearing a face covering play a role in slip, trip, and fall claims?

Rising Water, Rising Concerns

Wind versus water, a private flood insurance marketplace, and solvency are just some of the issues on experts’ minds

Answers From the Ashes

As the claims process begins in the wildfire aftermath, determining the origin and cause becomes critical.

Subrogating for Change

How wildfire subrogation is helping protect the public at large

Don’t Play Head Games

A look at third-party observations of neuropsychological examinations

Hope for the Future

What to expect from CLM in 2021

Rules of the Road

Five tips for successful claims and litigation management

How to "Sell" Insurance

How to spread the word about a career in insurance

Eye on Construction

We ask CLM members and fellows about trends in construction.

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