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Runaway BIPA Settlements and Judgments

How violations of Biometric Information Privacy Acts could impact company liability and cyber coverages

CLM National: November 2022

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Navigating the complex landscape of timed demands

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Litigation Business

Playing games is not a strategy, so why do we persist?

Finding a New Home

Why you might be striking out in a hot job market

Subrogation Trends

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on significant trends in subrogation

The Art of Preservation

High-tech innovations for memorializing an accident scene

An Industry Under Water?

A post-Hurricane Ian look at the NFIP and the private flood insurance marketplace

Celebrate Every Day

While practicing gratitude is great, I believe sharing your gratitude is icing on the cake

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