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When Substitutions Go Wrong

Why value engineering can create potential liability instead of savings

Bringing Fire Investigation and Prevention Into the Future

Wildfires are getting worse. Our responses must get better

CMS Gets Serious About Non-Submit MSAs

Denial is real. Here’s what you need to know

CLM National: April 2022

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Building Diversity in the Insurance Industry

What it takes to attract and retain talent

Tales From the Tow Yard

Strategies for dealing with difficult tow situations

When Government Agencies Come Calling

D&O insurance coverage and civil investigative demands

The Great Regret

Did you jump too quickly into the Great Resignation?

The Rise of Cumulative Trauma Claims

Strategies for investigating and defending repetitive-movement injuries in the workplace

The Real Costs of Social Inflation

How increased use of third-party litigation financing, attorney involvement, and other plaintiffs’ tactics affect businesses and insurers

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