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New York State of Mind

Previewing CLM’s final Focus event of 2021

An Existential Crisis?

It’s time for defense lawyers and insurers to ask themselves, “Is there a better way?”

Life Lessons

These principles stem from a common root—kindness—the simple act of being friendly, generous, and considerate

See You in Arbitration

Takeaways from the Construction Community's recent webinar, “Handling Construction Defect Cases in Arbitration: The Good and the Bad”

The Future Is (Almost) Here

Some drivers overestimate the capabilities of autonomous vehicle safety features

Medicare Set-Asides and CMS

Reconsideration options and navigating Medicare’s review processes

Recovering a Workers’ Compensation Lien

Differences between the Kelly formula and the Burns formula

Recruitment During the Pandemic

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on recruiting talent during the pandemic

Getting to Know: Lea Kapral

Acuity's General Manager of Central Claims shares her insights on the industry

Hurry Up for Early Resolution

When it comes to investigations and evaluations for pre-suit mediations, the clock is ticking

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