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To Submit or Not To Submit

That is the question with Medicare Set-Asides

Missing Pieces

How women lawyers complete your trial team

Balancing It All

We all become better by understanding the unique perspectives of women

Beaming With Pride

CLM Lifetime Achievement Award winner Larry Beemer reflects on his work with CLM

They Believed They Could, So They Did

Top women in claims and litigation share their stories of success and perseverance

Chapter Happenings: CLM Atlanta

CLM's Atlanta Chapter held its first event of 2023

Job Hunting Resolutions

What to consider when changing jobs

Getting to Know: Rose Charles

Sompo International's SVP has made her way from attorney to casualty claims expert earning success and fulfillment

The OODA Loop Trumps the ‘Seinfeld’ Model

How facts can get in the way of a good story

Trends in Class-Action Litigation

Prioritize compliance with biometric data privacy laws, or risk big losses

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