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Earth, Wind, Fire, and More

Focus on (Free) CE

CLM’s November Focus event helps you stay compliant

Rising Water, Rising Concerns

Wind versus water, a private flood insurance marketplace, and solvency are just some of the issues on experts’ minds

Answers From the Ashes

As the claims process begins in the wildfire aftermath, determining the origin and cause becomes critical.

Subrogating for Change

How wildfire subrogation is helping protect the public at large

When Plaintiffs’ Counsel Strike Back

An assault on business-interruption coverage is in the making. Are you ready to defend?

The Edge of Disaster

What can past hurricane seasons teach us about 2020’s challenges?

Compounding Problems

Why businesses and claims professionals need to prepare for and protect against compound disasters

Picking Up the Pieces

Property insurance issues raised in the wake of recent racial injustice rioting

Creating Opportunity From Catastrophe

Huge hurricane losses can be successful—and can even create opportunities

Heat Sensitive

A claims professional’s guide to technical equipment recovery following a fire

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About The Community

CLM’s Property Committee provides education relevant topics, practical skills, and innovative strategies for handling property claims and litigation related to coverage and insurance claims for CLM’s members and fellows.

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