An Appetite for the Palette

The Art Loss Register helps insurers find missing art.

The Foreclosure Exposure

When foreclosed property is damaged, can the mortgagee recoup its loss, or is it totally exposed?

When Opportunity Knocks

Consumers pad claims to get more buck out of the bang.

Practical Makes Perfect

Claims certification must pass the test of practical performance in the field.

Seasoning the Tech Trend

The movement toward use of new adjusting technologies has to include seasoned vets.

Pushing Off the Legwork

Getting technology to do the heavy lifting saves time, employee risk and errors.

Sign on the Dot.Com Line

E-signature technology now delivers legally binding, archived signatures that are visually and functionally equivalent to wet-ink signatures on paper.

Coping with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Claims

It is important to recognize what PTSD is and what effective treatments exist for the complicated condition.

Take 20 and Call Me in the Morning

Overdoses of acetaminophen must be guarded against in workers’ comp cases.

Playing Nicely with Your Claims Team

Case management should be more like a huddle than a scrum down.

Is There Meat on the Budget Menu?

While insurers' IT budgets are lean overall, claims departments may be a cut above.

Driving Claims Ops to a Higher Level

You wouldn't drive a high-performance car by looking in the rear view, would you?

Getting the Pieces Together

Unified communications integrates phone, fax, e-mail, texts, Web—all the ways you trade info internally and externally.

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