Getting to Know: Suzy Braden

CLM's Workers' Comp Committee co-chair tells us what's in store for CLM Atlanta, May 19-20, 2016.

Around the Nation: April 2016

State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.

Is the Reptile Real?

Dissecting the facts surrounding the reptile theory of trial strategy.

Is the world becoming more or less risky?

Starbucks' Anthony Spacciante and three other risk management professionals answer this month's question.

Inside Risk with Tommy Ulrich

Messer Construction's insurance and risk analyst builds a strong foundation of success on his experience.

Preparing for Tornado Season

Unusual bursts of tornadic activity this spring means insurers need to be prepared.

The Whiplash Effect

Using telematics to combat fraudulent auto claims.

Talent Search

How the industry can meet the growing demand for claims professionals.

Obtaining Optimal Outcomes in Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Asides

Knowing the right strategies is imperative for achieving optimal cost-savings outcomes.

Funneling Your Resources

How structural engineering assessments can help control costs following a tornado.

Understanding the Risks of a Cyberattack

Small businesses might be under the impression that they aren't a target for cyberattacks. They should think again.

The First 90 Days of a Product Liability Claim

Success depends on a quick and thorough response. Are you ready?

The Key to Destroying Hit-and-Run Auto Accident Claims

When it comes to defending bodily injury cases, the acute period of time following an incident is crucial to a fraud investigation.

In the C-Suite with Steve Shiner

MAPFRE Insurance’s Senior Vice President, Claims, explains why asking the right questions can yield better solutions.

What Would Steve Jobs Think of Today’s Insurance Claims Software?

If he was the CEO of an insurance company, he would probably hit delete.

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