In the C-Suite with Grace Hanson

Homesite Insurance’s SVP and Chief Claims Officer discusses her early adoption of analytics and why she loves the claims department as a career choice.

When things are fairly quiet, how do you stay prepared?

Westfield Insurance's Robert Bowers is one of four CLM members who answered this month's question.

Inside Risk: William McCullough

Verizon's William McCullough thrives on managing risk for over 173,000 employees and making data work for him.

Sharing the Stage of the Customer Experience

The industry cannot afford to limit its thoughts and ideas for future improvements.

Shaking Things Up

Fracking-related earthquakes and what they mean for insurance policy exposure.

The Pitfalls in Ethical Decision-Making

We use good faith practices every day, but are we thinking about the decision-making process itself?

Do Self-Driving Cars Need Morals?

Will an ethical code become a specification in the same way we look at engine specifications or safety equipment?

Claims Against the Government

How to start, how to avoid roadblocks, and when to give up on claims against Uncle Sam.

Five Temporary Housing Myths Debunked

You and your displaced policyholders may be missing out on better options.

When Uber Comes for Claims

Why you are not safe from the “Uberfication” of your industry.

Is Social Media a Friend or Foe in Fraud Investigations?

How to use information found on the Internet without having it turn on you.

Around the Nation: June 2016

State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.

Ready for Action?

NBC's "Powerless" claims professional brings positive insurance character to television viewers.

Lessons From the EEOC v. Ford Motor Company Verdict

Best practices for defending against disability discrimination failure to accommodate claims.

In the C-Suite with Ajay Sinha

Gallagher Bassett’s Executive Vice President, Operations, sheds light on some of the industry’s top challenges.

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