In Search of the Win-Win

Clients and Lawyers Can Collaborate To Reduce Legal Spend and Increase Revenue

Just the Facts

Why Vague Complaints Against Insured Subs No Longer Trigger Occurrence Coverage

Reptile Alert!

Employment Lawyers and Claims Personnel Need to Be on the Lookout


Policy Non-Compliance with Financial Responsibility Regulations

Building a Case

Litigating and Managing Building Product Defect Claims

A Recipe for Resolution

The Making of a Successful Mediation

Driving Down Costs

Enabling Early Case Resolution

Unfair Standard?

Are School Districts Being Held to an Unfair Standard for Negligent Supervision and Retention?

Five Things

Candid Insight Into the Attorney-Client Professional Relationship

Be Nice, Save Money

The Economic Benefits of Practicing With Professionalism

Be Prepared

The Future of Meeting Crisis Management Expectations

Get to know… Marcos Mendoza

Marcos Mendoza, Texas Association of School Boards, Assistant Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Get to know… Kevin O’Toole

Kevin O’Toole, Partner, O’Toole Fernandez Weiner Van Lieu LLC

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