Meet Your New Star Eyewitness

Data stored in Fitbits and other wearable devices can be invaluable at trial and when evaluating claims.

Tightening the Purse Strings

Determining the real value of high-end handbags

Legislating Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Understanding the evolving federal, state, and local landscape on drones and privacy laws

How Secure Is Your Vendor?

Protecting yourself from third-party cyber risks.

Why Efficiency Isn’t Enough

Maximizing your effectiveness in subrogation.

Major Differences in Handling Minors’ Claims

Navigating the tricky legal landscape when adolescents suffer serious injuries.

The Fight Against Organized Crime

Two fundamental approaches for fending off fraudsters.

Defining Coverage for Non-Owned Autos

What does “regular use” of an auto mean?

What’s driving personal auto claims activity?

What has been the most unexpected/surprising factor driving personal auto claims activity over the past few years?

The Power of Professional Networks

Great Insurance Jobs’ Cofounder Roger Lear addresses the usefulness of social media.

The Roundabout

Transportation professionals sound off on mediation strategies.

Biomechanical Analysis of a Traumatic Brain Injury

More than 400 registered for this webinar from CLM’s Insurance Fraud Committee, which explains the underlying injury mechanisms behind a traumatic brain injury and how a biomechanical analysis of injury causation can be beneficial to a claim.

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Gene Kissane

Getting to Know Gene Kissane, Partner at Cole Scott Kissane P.A.

Pillars of Support

The CLM Foundation continues its mission to support causes important to the industry.

Around the CLM - July 2017

A New York precedent is challenged, California courts split on Right to Repair Act interpretations, and West Virginia is on the verge of limiting products liability actions against sellers that are not the manufacturers.

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