Claims on the Move

Advances in mobile technology can reduce your losses, decrease your expenses and increase your claims satisfaction.

Give Your Adjusters a Crystal Ball

Use predictive modeling and data to identify claims that may become highly complex.


Does mild traumatic brain injury actually cause ongoing, compensable effects, or are you overpaying?

Social Seen

SIU investigators capitalize on the very public face of some fraudsters.

Hospital Cost Shifting

Auto insurers face higher hospital charges as federal health insurance programs cut reimbursements.

The Color of Money

Adjusting claims on environmentally friendly policies can make you green around the gills if you’re not up to speed on ratings, codes, materials, and the eemingly innumerable details in green building claims.

Focus on Fraud

Is the economy to blame for an increase in reports of questionable claims?

Mortgage in Your Future

Mortgages have significant implications for the validation of claims. Before a future claim mires you in problems, know the details of loans on properties you insure.

Cave-People Claims

Damp homes create cave-like conditions that might look like water damage.

Whip, Lash

Regulators and legislators need to find ways to rein in and punish staged-accident gangs and their friends in the medical and legal communities.

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