A Matter of Interpretation

As cyber policies face their first real days in court, insurers react to the precedents set

The Art of Convincing

Utilizing Socratic methods of persuasion in the claims process

"What are you looking forward to most in 2019?"

We ask CLM members and fellows about the things they are looking forward to most in 2019.

Setting the Strategy Stage

Taking the proper claims investigation steps early is key

Cyber Fraud Unplugged

The Psychology Behind Social Engineering Schemes

Managing a New Era of Repairs

Restoration trends to watch in 2019

Maximizing Mediation

Strategic Preparation Tips to Ensure Effective Negotiations

Getting Technological

Like Other Business Processes, Fraud Investigation Tactics Must Evolve With Technology

It’s All Online

Social Media Discovery Is an Effective Anti-Fraud Weapon, But Only Professionals Should Wield It

May the “Force” Be With You

How Lidar Can Be a Powerful Tool for Insurance Claims

Orlando’s Magic Beckons

CLM’s Annual Conference Is Nearly Here. What Does This Year’s Event Hold for Attendees?

Happy New Year!

We will celebrate all of 2019 as a year of gratitude for CLM's membership.

CLM National: January 2019

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Tom McLaughlin

See how he keeps everyone’s eyes on the road as director of risk management and claims for Transport America and CFI.

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