A Most Memorable Claim

CLM’s ADR Committee highlights the importance of making human connections

Happy Holidays!

Let's reflect on all that we’ve accomplished as a community

Deck the Halls With Vows of Safety

Avoiding common property risks that could ruin the holidays

Enough to Go Around?

Minimum policies and the tripartite relationship

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Rebekah Ratliff

Hear from Capital City Mediations' president, who also runs a local chapter for NAAIA.

Mind the Hazards

When small emergency restoration projects turn into massive financial legal liabilities

Awards Season

Take a look at CLM’s greatest hits of 2019

A New Era of Modern Conflict

Will war exclusions continue to protect insurers?

CLM National: December 2019

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Cannabis and the Role of Insurance

What role will insurers' play? We ask CLM members and fellows to chime in.

The Path Forward for Cannabis

Legal and regulatory developments in 2019 signal clarity, confusion for insurers

Beat the Waiting Game

Tips for getting stalled claims moving again

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