A Pandemic in the Making

Losses related to coronavirus raise insurance coverage questions and concerns

Politics in the Workplace

A hotly contested election year is upon us. Are you prepared for claims of hostile work environments?

Pulling the EUO Sword From the Policy Stone

Here’s how to wield an EUO effectively

Creative Strategies for Claims Settlement

Thinking outside the box for complex coverage mediations

Trauma at Work

Addressing bystander trauma through crisis intervention can be good for workers and for the workplace.

The Different Paths to Protect the Medicare Trust Fund

Medicare for all, continued privatization of Medicare, and growth of MSP enforcement are all on the table

Driven to Distraction

How to mitigate distracted-driving claims

CLM National: March 2020

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

The Best of the Best

State Compensation Insurance Fund’s Stephen Hunckler Receives CLM Lifetime Achievement Award

Dodging Settlement Traps

CLM's Young Professionals Community recently held its first webinar on settlement pitfalls.

When Uncle Sam Comes Calling

Determining if a government investigation constitutes a claim

Cannabis and Compliance

Attorney Darren J. Hunter helps us navigate the legal and regulatory requirements for cannabis operations

Employment Law-Focused Review of State Cannabis Laws Released

A comprehensive report aims to help employers understand the rights and responsibilities they must consider with cannabis in the workplace

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Chang

Chang serves as co-leader, global insurance, for Sompo International, and CEO for Sompo Global Risk Solutions.

Which insurance lines will be most impacted by the COVID-19?

We ask CLM members and fellows about the business areas they see being affected by the coronavirus.

Seeking Higher Ground

When does the common carrier standard of care actually apply?

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