Leading Out Loud: Workers' Compensation

Here’s what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.

Reading the Disc

Spinal disc injuries in rear-end, low-impact collisions: myth or reality?

A New Plan for Policies

Applying lessons learned during the first COVID-19 outbreak.

On the Defensive

How COVID-19 will impact insurance litigation

Pandemic Lawyering

Serving clients and maintaining professionalism during the time of COVID-19

The Open Doors of Risk

Reopening challenges facing religious and non-profit institutions

Should You Accept Responsibility at Trial?

Why the answer could very well prevent a nuclear verdict

Creating Your Safe Space

Office design standard of care in the COVID-19 era

Getting to Know: Stacey Jackson

Golden Bear's general counsel shares the challenges of being "first."

COVID-19’s Effect on Commercial Trucking

We ask CLM members and fellows about the commercial trucking environment.

Finding Alternatives to Narcotics in Workers Compensation

Opioid use in the age of prescription abuse, misuse, diversion, and over-prescribing

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Workers Compensation?

Here’s what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.

Be Kind and Keep It Simple

Managing litigated workers compensation claims through advocacy and empathy.

CLM National: June 2020

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

A Focus FAQ

Everything you need to know about CLM’s June Focus event

Leaning on Friends and Community

The connections made via CLM are so important right now.

Walmart's COVID-19 Problem

How plaintiffs are bringing direct actions against employers like Walmart for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19.

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