Hurricane Ian Damage (Photos)

The storm's path of destruction through Florida was severe.

Building Better Relationships

An attorney turned claims professional shares advice on how both sides can work more effectively together

Subrogation Specialists

Takeaways from the Subrogation Committee's recent webinar, "I’ve Got Friends in First-Party Places"

Back to School on EPL and Cyber

Insuring educational institutions becomes a lesson in risk mitigation

Understanding the Interactive Process

How employers can avoid litigation through reasonable accommodation

Trends Shaping Liability Litigation

Effective strategies to address rising costs and bigger awards

Leading Out Loud: Construction

See what our two experts have to say about construction and litigation trends and challenges.

What Adjusters Need To Know at the Peak of Hurricane Season

We are well into CAT season, so there is no better time to fine-tune and improve your claims process

Getting to Know: Derrick Mullen

Spending 26 years in claims at the same company gives Seneca's Vice President, Home Office Claims a unique perspective on risk, career advancement, and managing a team

CLM National: September 2022

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Taking the Bait

Why commercial real estate tenant poaching could be the next property management E&O trend

Is Technology Creating Gaps in Insurance Knowledge?

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on technology and industry knowledge

CLM Magazine Spotlights Young Phenoms

We're looking to recognize the movers and shakers within our ranks. Tell us your stories.

From Outsider to Insider

Why do I share my journey of personal acceptance? Because it leads to positive change

Navigating Uncharted Territory

How to avoid danger zones in the evolving landscape of Medicaid liens

Peak Storm Season

Have legislative and regulatory reforms prepared us for a better future?

Growth Where You Least Expect It

Adopting a growth mindset is a future-ready skill that will put you in demand

Do You Know LMI?

Wondering what CLM’s Litigation Management Institute is all about?

The Evolution of Insurance Jobs

Jobs in the insurance industry are changing for the better

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