The Roger Clemens Acquittal and the Prosecution’s Burden of Proof

The verdict of “not guilty” in the criminal prosecution of Roger Clemens is another strong reminder of the importance of holding the party charged with the burden of proof to its legal task.

What a Boss Wants

How to get noticed by management.

Five Things Claims Managers Wish Adjusters Would Do (Or Not Do)

Claims representatives may feel, at times, that they are without guidance on how to improve one’s claims handling practices to the satisfaction of their claims manager. To find out the kinds of things that claims managers wish their adjusters would or would not do, we solicited a variety of insurance-related groups

Why Compassion Is the Cornerstone of Ethics

Many adjusters and defense attorneys know firsthand how problems are magnified in the claims process and in litigation because of hostile competition and disrespectful communication. What can Gandhi teach us?

Passion for the Profession

Whether it is the variety of work, the travel, or the feeling of helping someone in genuine need, CAT adjusters love their jobs, and it shows.

Around the Nation, June 2012

News and updates from CLM state chairs and committees.

Between the Lines: How Do You Build Trust?

Vic Marmo, Marriott's Senior Director of Global Claims, joins other CLM members and fellows in answering the question, "How do you build trust?"

Defense Counsel as Representative of the Company

When a claim is in litigation, defense counsel often becomes the face of the company handling the claim. What does defense counsel need to consider in order to be an effective representative of the company?

I Love CAT Adjusting

Five claims professionals share what makes their jobs so tough—and so rewarding.

When Summertime Fun Turns Into Tragedy

The kids are out of school, vacations are beginning, and backyard barbeques are burning. It’s official: summertime is here. Sadly, along with summertime comes an increase in drowning deaths. Who is liable when drowning occurs in a pool?

Inside Risk: Jan Berger, Live Nation

Jan Berger, vice president-risk management for Live Nation, discusses how he manages risk for such a diverse company, one that put on 22,000 worldwide events last year alone.

Emerging Global Risks Are Poised to Impact Adjusters

The global insurance industry is growing, and, as last year showed, catastrophes don’t just happen in the U.S. If we are entering a period of more numerous and severe catastrophes, it is essential that we be more prepared than ever.

What’s New in Claims Estimating Systems

Xactware, Simsol, and Symbility focus on features and portability.

Raccoon Infestation Remediation Protocols

If a raccoon infestation occurs, two protocols are recommended based on the absence (Protocol A) or presence (Protocol B) of B. procyonis eggs, a parasite commonly found in raccoon droppings.

From the C-Suite: Jeff Bossart

Aspen U.S. Insurance’s Chief Claims Officer Jeff Bossart speaks about his management style, the importance of industry training and inter-disciplinary collaboration, and how to attract talent.

Catastrophe Claims Management Creates Moments of Truth

Managing claims after a catastrophe is a lot like parachuting into a war zone. To achieve success, insurers need an army of people who are very well trained, supremely organized, meticulously disciplined, and thoroughly committed to the mission.

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