To Subro or Not to Subro, That Is the Question

Just because a defendant has a claim with the right of subrogation does not mean it is the wise thing to do. Here are some points to consider when making the decision

Social Media and Liability

It has become commonplace for insurance companies to utilize social media sites to assist in the claims handling process. Regulations and laws are slowly emerging to govern the use of this information and access to it.

Back to School

As you all can attest, the CLM is always moving forward, clearing trails and forging new paths for others to follow. With that said, we’re taking the wraps off of our latest project: The CLM Claims College

Inside Risk: Steve Kenny, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Steve Kenny, Director of Risk Management Services for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, discusses the unique risks associated with his school.

Around the Nation: September 2012

News from CLM state chairs, committees, and members.

Between the Lines: September 2012

Lauren D. Wilkins, Partner at Langlois, Wilkins, Furtado & Metcalf, is one of several who answered the question "What is the most unusual fraud story you’ve encountered?"

Understanding Physician Drug Dispensing and Its Growing Expense

Since the practice is new to the auto insurance industry, many insurers may be unaware of physician dispensing’s impact on pharmacy expenses, even though the impact is evident in other industries.

The Flaw of Perfectionism in the Pursuit of Excellence

The absence of error is a good thing; it’s what every claims department should desire. However, insisting on perfection under the wrong circumstances can actually add to problems and bring about a lower level of performance.

A Dark Night

The Colorado movie theater massacre sheds light on claims and risk management challenges.

Temp Housing Teamwork

Relocations may not be something at which we train for years and years, but it’s certainly not an easy task that everyone could do from start to finish and produce an end result that involves a very happy policyholder.

The Arranged Marriage

Solving the relationship issues facing restoration contractors and insurance carriers.

Preview: The CLM 2012 Women’s Leadership Forum

This year's Women’s Leadership Forum brings together women in the insurance, corporate, and legal professions to share experiences and ideas to meet their unique challenges.

Claims Handling Through a Prosecutor’s Eyes

Five techniques to enhance how investigators and adjusters approach fraud cases.

Protecting Growth and Clients Amidst the Unpredictable

In a time of reduced frequency, we typically see greater insourcing of claims management, and that’s certainly the case right now. How can claims organizations and individuals alike take greater control of our destiny?

The Freeh Report and Liability Issues

What follows is a discussion of how the Freeh Report will affect the civil lawsuits that will undoubtedly be filed, those that have already been filed, and the potential effects of these lawsuits from a defense and insurance coverage prospective.

From the C-Suite: Gary Stephen

PURE’s Gary Stephen speaks about the benefits of designing claim management processes from the customers’ perspective, the industry’s need to develop claims professionals, and the importance of charting your own career plan.

Small Businesses Expect No Disguises on Claims Management

Small-business buyers said that they depend on their intermediaries to help them settle a claim and serve as their advocates, if necessary, should a dispute over a loss arise. Is there a simpler way?

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