Lie Strong

Who is at fault when we do not tell the truth?

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Know the ins and outs to maximize subrogation potential from growing sign losses.

Brands and Wristbands

In an age in which risk managers think years, not months, in advance—and given the rumors and accusations that dogged his career for years—Livestrong needed a solid risk management team to anticipate what seems like some fairly obvious exposures.

Between the Lines: February 2013

William H. Lambros, SVP of SPARTA Insurance, is one of four CLM members who answer the question, "How will accident avoidance technologies affect claims handling?”

Around the Nation: February 2013

News and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Inside Look at the Claims College

Dean Larry Goanos shares his plans for the school of professional lines.

Inside Risk: David Smith, Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

As part of a Fortune 300 company that opens a new store every 17 hours, Family Dollar’s Divisional VP of Risk Management David Smith doesn’t show up for work and wait for the phone to ring.

Swelling Proof

Evidence for continuous and repeated water exposure.

Cruise Ship Wrecked

Liability and lawsuits arising out of the Costa Concordia.

Handling Building Contamination Claims

Beware of the pitfalls of mold testing.

Catastrophe Year in Review

Superstorm Sandy tops list of worst disasters in 2012.

Intangibles of Case Evaluation, Part Two: Evaluating Opposing Counsel

Few intangibles give you a better indication of the value of the claim than an assessment of counsel for the claimant. Perhaps more important, your assessment of the lawyer handling the claim also can tell you whether the case has the potential for an early settlement.

Supreme Court Watch

Social policy issues overshadow the Court’s increasing impact on civil law and claims.

What to Expect When Catastrophes Strike

Here are several scenarios that adjusters and investigators face in catastrophe situations and strategies for helping them achieve some success in the fight against fraud.

In the C-Suite: Beth Voorhees

Catlin U.S.’ head of claims addresses the importance of a broad-based perspective, getting diverse teams to work together effectively, and the importance of supporting the art of claims management.

Data-Rich Insurers Make Tempting Targets

Data is the lifeblood of the increasingly tech-driven insurance business. If infected by a maliciously planted computer virus or victimized by a parasite who hacks into their systems, insurers could face legal liabilities that might cost millions to redress.

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