2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Visions of sugar plums aren’t the only things CLM Members and Fellows are dreaming of.

December 21, 2014 Photo

Claims Management’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide showcases the gifts that every claims, risk, and litigation professional desires—even if they don’t know it yet. Culled from contributions from readers, editors, and advertisers, this list is by no means exclusive (or affordable, in some cases). But it might just help you find inspiration for that insurance professional in your life who seems to have everything.

FLIR One Thermal Camera

Suggested By: Eric Gilkey, Executive Editor, Claims Management Magazine

While I haven’t actually used the FLIR One thermal camera yet, reviews of the product and the virtual simulator on the company’s web site were enough to pique my interest. Essentially a phone case, the FLIR One snaps onto your iPhone 5 or 5s and displays infrared images on your phone’s screen. These images then can be saved and emailed for inclusion in reports or used as evidence. FLIR claims the camera can quickly evaluate hidden issues, cutting down diagnostic time for discovering damages for things like water leaks and damage, electrical shorts, and critters in the walls. $330, www.flir.com

Plastc Card

Suggested By: Harry Rosenthal, CLM Executive Group Publisher

Plastc is an all-in-one credit card that can store your credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards in one place. Using an E-Ink touchscreen on the actual card itself means owners can swipe between cards they have stored, then use that card to pay for a purchase. With security always a concern—and even more so during the holidays—the Plastc card offers secure PIN access and the ability to wipe your card data completely by way of your smartphone. And because I know this happens more often than I care to admit, the card also comes with a Bluetooth proximity alert that notifies you when it’s accidently left behind. $155, www.plastc.com/card

Varidesk Pro Plus

Suggested By: Bevrlee J. Lips, Managing Editor, Claims Management Magazine

The trend toward using a standing desk is changing how many of us work. Some people want the health benefits, while others just want the comfort and benefits of changing their position throughout the day. However, the cost of a desk that offers the option to sit or stand has been prohibitive. Enter the Varidesk. I’ve been using mine for almost a year, and I love it. It arrived in one piece and was in place in seconds. The accompanying app reminds you when to sit or stand and keeps track of calories burned. For the price, it is a phenomenal option. When you pinch the two side handles, you can adjust the desk to the right height for you, and everything rises together. I have two large monitors, so I opted for the double-wide version. There also are other options to choose from to fit your office configuration. $275-$400, www.varidesk.com

Code Black Drone with HD Camera

Suggested By: Jason Williams, Art Director, Claims Management Magazine

We’ve written a lot of about drones this year, and with good reason—it’s a technology with near-limitless applications in our industry. From quadcopters that can reduce the need for dangerous roof climbs to fixed-wing models that can quickly and safely survey a widespread catastrophe area, drones have a future in claims management. Be an early adopter with this drone geared towards beginners. It’s a quadcopter that sports an HD camera and 10 minutes of flight time, and can be charged in 30 minutes through a USB cord. Even more enticing is its price, which is reasonable enough to give you the chance to test-fly this technology with little to no risk. $89, www.stacksocial.com

Magnetuck Shirt Stays

A lot of us swear by collar stays, but what about shirt stays? That’s where Magnetuck comes in. Don’t be that guy at the next trade show, the one with his shirt half untucked and looking like a mess. Make sure your shirt stays in place all day long by grabbing yourself a pair of Magnetuck shirt stays so you don’t look like a schmuck. Even better, you can get 10 percent off when ordering from their site. Heck they’re even endorsed by Shaq—and we all know that he doesn’t endorse just anything! (Right?) $30, www.magnetuck.com


Suggested By: Tad Eckenrode, Attorney, Eckenrode Maupin

I saw this great new product back in September and ordered it immediately, even though it won’t start shipping until January 2015. I think it’s the perfect gift idea for insurance claims, risk, and litigation professionals because of its utility: it’s essentially a phone backup battery, memory stick, remote controller, and phone/key locator all in one device that can attach to a key ring. Its diminutive size means it never gets in the way, either. Definitely looks like the type of gadget I’ll love! $69-$89, www.gokey.com

Sony DSC-QX100 Phone Camera

Suggested By: Jeremy Campbell, Associate Publisher, Claims Management Magazine

Snap it on, snap breathtaking photos from your phone, and then snap it off. This unique clip-on system allows you to shoot high-resolution images using a smartphone’s screen as a viewfinder and editing interface. (You can use it with the phone detached, too!) Minimize pixilation and low-light graininess with the lens’s large CMOS sensor. $500, www.sony.com

Genius Pack Carry-On

Suggested By: Kimberly Powell & Lizbeth Klimas, Litigation Services

The Genius Packer is the most innovative carry-on bag, period. With its signature, patent-pending laundry compression technology, engineered organizational panel, integrated portable charging station, genius functionalities, permanent checklist, and a whole lot more, nothing gets left hanging or floating in your bag. If you’re packing it, there’s a spot for it. $218, www.geniuspack.com 

Handpresso Auto

Suggested By: Jeff Schultz, Vice President of Communications, CRDN

For today’s on-the-go claims professional, there’s nothing like a favorite caffeinated beverage to help stay alert while driving. Taking the time to stop at a coffee shop can take valuable minutes away from the demands of the day. Instead, there’s Handpresso Auto, a handheld, portable espresso machine that makes quality espresso shots in an instant—from the comfort of your driver’s seat. $199, www.amazon.com

Limefuel Lite

Suggested By: Eric Gilkey, Executive Editor, Claims Management Magazine

This is one gift for which I can personally vouch. I bought my Limefuel Lite shortly after I upgraded my smartphone to the battery-hogging LG G3 (an otherwise fantastic device). Thankfully, the days of worrying about a dead cell phone are long gone, even when I’m on the road. This 15,000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides enough juice to recharge my phone five times or more before it needs a charge itself. Got a friend in need? No problem, since the Lite can charge two devices at once, too. It’s even got a built-in flashlight! $55, www.limefuel.com

USB Drink Warmer with Four-Port USB Hub

Suggested By: Jim Pattillo, Attorney, Norman, Wood, Kendrick & Turner

The two most essential things for anyone involved in a defense practice or in claims? A smartphone and a cup of hot coffee. Both are indispensable. It only makes sense that a USB phone-charging coffee warmer is the perfect gift. Four places to charge all of your devices, and its LCD screen also shows the temperature of the warming pad as well as the time. Not a bad list of features for the price tag, either. $17, www.vat19.com

Federal Reporter/Hidden Flask

Suggested By: Christopher Fusco, Managing Partner, Callahan & Fusco LLC

Ever miss those days of doing legal research in an actual book instead of staring at a computer screen? Ever need a stiff drink after a day with no peace on earth and no good will towards anybody? Well here is the perfect holiday gift solution: a federal reporter with a hollowed out portion for a whiskey flask (or any other drink of your choice). The pages are unglued to ensure the special reporter will not be detected. Happy holidays! $89, www.gilt.com

KryptAll K-iPhone

Suggested By: Matthew J. Smith, Founder, Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl LPA

This is the ultimate cell phone for attorney/client or SIU investigation privacy. KryptAll’s latest version of the K iPhone, Series 5S, ensures your phone calls are not made public by using a patent-pending solution that provides encryption from the user’s phone to the global network of secure servers. This method eliminates the need for both parties of the conversation to have encryption devices, and KryptAll guarantees the telephone call cannot be intercepted when the user is the target of eavesdropping. The WiFi or GSM/3/4G-based K iPhone’s call privacy is further guaranteed by KryptAll’s global network of encrypted servers. The servers are based where telephone interception is not permitted by law and call records are not generated. $5,000, www.kryptall.com

BodyMedia Fit Core

Suggested By: Bevrlee J. Lips, Managing Editor, Claims Management Magazine

Do you spend too much time sitting at a desk? Are you trying to stay healthy? Are you feeling lethargic and don’t know why? The BodyMedia Fit Core is a health band that can help. This on-body device tracks your calories burned, activities, sleep efficiency, and so much more. I was most impressed by the accuracy of its sleep tracking. Like Santa, it knows the difference between when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake but lying down. A recent study found that it was the most accurate of the popular health technologies available. The online site helps you track your food and set goals. It may be a bit larger than other devices, but the accuracy is worth it. And, of course, there is an app for your phone. The company was just purchased by Jawbone, so if you want one, get it now before they’re gone. $70, www.bestbuy.com

Cedar Rapids DVD

Suggested By: Jodi L. Brutto, Regional Account Executive, Crawford & Company

The main character in the movie Cedar Rapids, Tim Lippe, has no idea what he’s in for when he’s sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to represent his company at an annual insurance convention, where he soon finds himself under the “guidance” of three convention veterans. $6, amazon.com

Spring Step Argentina Clogs

Suggested By: Cathy Gicker, Senior Claim Service Consultant-Special Investigations, Allstate

For the fashion-conscious SIU surveillance investigator, you can pick a stylish pair of clogs from the ACORN catalog. There are three varieties—lace-ups, ankle boots, and the earth shoe. They are made of leather with contrast stitching and adjustable ties. The clogs are lightweight, breathable, and have traction outsoles if you need to “make a run for it.” They are imported from Argentina, and will show everyone you not only investigate fraud but also that you conduct surveillance in style. $100, www.acornonline.com

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Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.  eric.gilkey@theclm.org

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