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photo Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.

Articles by Eric Gilkey

Beginnings and Transitions 1/4/2012
Inside Risk: Sandra Burgess, City of Memphis 1/3/2012
Top Disasters of 2011 1/6/2012
Around the Nation, January 2012 1/6/2012
An Independent’s View on Aerial Photography 2/6/2012
Secret Ingredients 2/7/2012
Inside Risk: Gary Nesbit, Advance Auto Parts 2/7/2012
Around the Nation, February 2012 2/7/2012
Inside Risk: Michael Liebowitz, New York University 3/12/2012
What Leaders Are Saying 3/7/2012
In Your Shoes 4/10/2012
Inside Risk: Scott B. Clark, Miami-Dade County School Board 4/13/2012
A Win for CLM 5/10/2012
Inside Risk: Laura Cornish, Honeywell 5/21/2012
I Love CAT Adjusting 6/18/2012
Inside Risk: Jan Berger, Live Nation 6/18/2012
Passion for the Profession 6/26/2012
Easing the Pain 7/13/2012
Inside Risk: Max Koonce, Walmart 7/24/2012
The Summer Reading List 8/13/2012
Summer Reading List: CLM Editorial Picks 8/13/2012
Hurricane Andrew: 20 Years Later 8/28/2012
Inside Risk: Rob Behnke, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 8/29/2012
The Arranged Marriage 9/21/2012
Back to School 9/27/2012
Inside Risk: Steve Kenny, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 9/27/2012
Adjuster Licensing and CLM Tracker 10/22/2012
Inside Risk: Randy Jouben, Five Guys Enterprises 10/24/2012
No Indulging 10/25/2012
Inside Risk: Amy Pechacek, Lake County, Ill. 11/28/2012
Why CLM Is Sending You Back to School 11/29/2012
Gift Ideas from the Editors 12/14/2012
Inside Risk: Barry Wilson, EXPRESS 12/19/2012
Laying Out the Vision for the School of Transportation 1/18/2013
New Year, New Voices 1/23/2013
Inside Risk: Wayne Salen, Labor Finders 1/23/2013
Inside Risk: David Smith, Family Dollar Stores, Inc. 2/26/2013
Brands and Wristbands 2/27/2013
An Alamo to Remember 3/7/2013
Leading by Example 3/22/2013
Inside Risk: Terry Sampson, Director of Risk Management, Art Institute of Chicago 3/22/2013
Sedgwick CEO Sheds Light on Chancellor Role 4/23/2013
Inside Risk with Susan Hiteshew 4/30/2013
A New Home for Claims Management 5/3/2013
Inside Risk with Bellagio's Alonzo Johnson 5/20/2013
Listening to You 5/21/2013
Spreading the Word on the Claims College 6/26/2013
Inside Risk with Simon Keshishian, Red Bull 6/26/2013
Welcome Back to School 7/16/2013
School’s Out for Summer 7/29/2013
Inside Risk with Carol Arendall, US Foods 7/30/2013
Inside Risk with Gina Kirchner, Navy Pier Inc. 8/27/2013
Shared Experiences 8/28/2013
Inside Risk with Emily Cummins, National Rifle Association 9/25/2013
Solving Problems 9/26/2013
Where We’re Going 10/29/2013
Inside Risk with Steve Truono, Starwood Hotels & Resorts 10/29/2013
Bucket List 11/24/2013
Inside Risk with Anthony Riina, Pfizer Inc. 11/25/2013
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 12/6/2013
The Apple of America’s Eye 12/12/2013
Inside Risk with Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. 12/30/2013
What’s in Store for Claims College's Freshman and Sophomore Classes 1/30/2014
Inside Risk with Sarah Pacini, Advocate Health Care 1/31/2014
Inside Risk with Craig Macdonald, Metro Transit 2/27/2014
Inside Risk with Rose Kuba-Herbig, Dr Pepper Snapple Group 3/31/2014
Risky Business 3/31/2014
How ClaimVets Is Changing Lives 4/30/2014
Inside Risk with Dellanie Fragnoli, Costco 4/30/2014
Coming Together 5/23/2014
Inside Risk: Corey Berghoefer, Randstad U.S. 5/27/2014
Getting to Know: Angela Henderson 5/29/2014
Taking Notice 6/13/2014
Dean Cathy Gicker Shares Strategy for School of Insurance Fraud 6/16/2014
Inside Risk: Jeff Strege, CEC Entertainment Inc. 6/25/2014
Getting to Know: Caryn Siebert 6/26/2014
Finding a Home 7/21/2014
Getting to Know: Paul Farahvar 7/28/2014
Inside Risk: Dan Dillen, Ward Transport & Logistics Corp 7/30/2014
Making Sense 8/13/2014
Dean Stephen Johnson Talks School of Property 8/18/2014
Inside Risk: Deborah Andrews, Zaxby’s Franchising Inc. 8/26/2014
Getting to Know: Steve Crandall 8/27/2014
World Interrupted 9/12/2014
Getting to Know: Ron del Pino 9/24/2014
Inside Risk: Gretchen Schuler, Invacare Corp. 9/25/2014
Getting to Know: Ashley Will 10/24/2014
Finding Support: ClaimVets 10/13/2014
Inside Risk: William Fortenberry 10/30/2014
The Ebola Risk 11/19/2014
Getting to Know: Mary Anne Medina 11/21/2014
Inside Risk: Brian Walters, Centerplate 11/24/2014
Looking Forward 12/15/2014
2014 Holiday Gift Guide 12/21/2014
Getting to Know: Jo Lynn Clemens 12/22/2014
Inside Risk: Charles Gillenwater, City of Mesquite 12/29/2014
Unwrapping Disaster 1/14/2015
Inside Risk: Julie Price, Cheddar’s Casual Café Inc. 1/28/2015
Getting to Know: Barry Dillard 1/28/2015
The Upside of Downtimes 2/5/2015
Advocating and Educating 2/11/2015
Getting to Know: William Pipkin 2/25/2015
Inside Risk: Barbara Collazo, Southwest Gas 2/26/2015
Change Is Coming 3/18/2015
Getting to Know: Douglas Vaughn 3/23/2015
Inside Risk: Eric Spalsbury,Stanley Steemer 3/31/2015
Making a Resolution 4/16/2015
The Resolution Revolution 4/27/2015
Getting to Know: Joe Pappalardo 4/27/2015
Inside Risk: Ebru Craft, Lafarge North America 4/27/2015
Back to You 5/19/2015
Visions of the Future 5/26/2015
Getting to Know: Murielle Arn 5/28/2015
Anthony Spacciante, Risk Financing Manager, Starbucks 5/29/2015
Drone Q&A with Motorists' Teresa King 6/8/2015
The Impact of Drones on Insurers and Claimants 6/9/2015
In the C-Suite with Robert Bowers 6/22/2015
Inside Risk: Lori Seidenberg, Alden Torch Financial LLC 6/29/2015
Getting to Know: Drones 6/24/2015
Droning On 6/26/2015
Are You Sharing? 7/23/2015
Getting to Know: Joe DePaul 7/28/2015
Beginnings and Endings 8/25/2015
Inside Risk: Clint Goodison, Edmonds School District 15 8/28/2015
Getting to Know: Kay Ferrara 8/24/2015
Getting Dirty 9/18/2015
Getting to Know: Denise Anderson 9/25/2015
Working With Pride 9/27/2015
Inside Risk: Carl Jones, Coring & Cutting Group 9/29/2015
Perk Up! 10/27/2015
Getting to Know: Ted Colquett 10/28/2015
Inside Risk: Marie Johnson, Elwyn 10/29/2015
Claims College Graduates First Class 11/22/2015
Inside Risk: Veda Mabry, Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. 11/25/2015
Getting to Know: Sean Allen 11/17/2015
Inside Risk: Renee Yozzi, Benjamin Moore 12/30/2015
Art of Covering 12/15/2015
Getting to Know: Jim Satterfield 12/15/2015
New Year, New Columns 1/7/2016
Inside Risk: Lance J. Ewing, Leader, IPG/AIG 1/19/2016
Inside Risk: Marjorie Knight, Frias Transportation Management 2/26/2016
Getting to Know: Adam Potter 2/16/2016
Rolling Up Losses 2/12/2016
Class Realities 3/8/2016
Getting to Know: Anne Blume 3/22/2016
Inside Risk: Denise Pinto, Fulton County 3/28/2016
Preparing for Tornado Season 4/22/2016
Inside Risk with Tommy Ulrich 4/27/2016
Getting to Know: Suzy Braden 4/28/2016
Profiles in Excellence 5/6/2016
Inside Risk with Terence Milford 5/8/2016
Getting Creative 5/13/2016
Ready for Action? 6/10/2016
Inside Risk: William McCullough 6/28/2016
Time For a Makeover 7/12/2016
Inside Risk: Tim Vincent 7/27/2016
Getting to Know: Phyllis Modlin 7/20/2016
Getting to Know: Kay Baxter 8/18/2016
Inside Risk: Patrick Hughes 8/29/2016
In Their Shoes 8/12/2016
Drown and Out 9/15/2016
Inside Risk: Richard Payne 9/28/2016
Getting to Know: Eugene LaFlamme 9/27/2016
XX Marks the Spot 10/13/2016
Getting to Know: CLM New York 10/19/2016
Inside Risk: Gawain Charlton-Perrin 10/28/2016
Changing Times 11/11/2016
On the Scene 11/21/2016
Getting to Know: Karen Schuster 11/22/2016
Inside Risk: Joni Mason 11/29/2016
A Fond Farewell 12/13/2016
A Reflection on Risk 12/27/2016
Decoding the Mishmash of Mixed Coverage Claims 1/19/2017
Our Neighborhood 1/13/2017
CLM Voices: Getting to Know D.J. Corrigan 2/13/2017
Sweet Success 2/17/2017
Investigating Claims of Workplace Discrimination 2/23/2017
A Working Community 3/27/2017
Maximizing Cost-Effective Subrogation Recoveries 3/21/2017
Out-of-the-Box Thinking 4/16/2017
From the Floor 4/18/2017
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Donnette Washington 5/8/2017
Because I Got High 5/11/2017
One License to Rule Them All 5/2/2017
Contractual Obligations to Defend and Indemnify 6/21/2017
Reinventing Workers Comp 6/21/2017
Biomechanical Analysis of a Traumatic Brain Injury 7/18/2017
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Laurie Newman 8/7/2017
Harvey's Coverage Issues 9/18/2017
Partnering for Innovation 9/14/2017
What and Where of Rip and Tear 9/13/2017
Big Ideas, Big Tree 10/25/2017
Owning the Drone 11/15/2017
Don’t Get Tanked 11/14/2017
Botas en el Suelo 11/27/2017
Getting to Know: Gillian Cummings-Beck 11/29/2017
A Season of Giving 12/20/2017
New Hands on Deck 12/25/2017
Drone Damage 12/26/2017
Avoiding Cookie-Cutter Defense Strategies 12/27/2017
Southern Hospitality 1/24/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Carol Rehnberg 2/27/2018
Honoring the Best 3/19/2018
Fire on Wheels 3/27/2018
Modern-Day Slavery 4/23/2018
Gone Phishing 4/25/2018
What Makes a Successful Expert Witness? 5/4/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Helen Irizarry 5/9/2018
Trade War Claims 5/21/2018
Bigger Things for an Extraordinary Organization 6/29/2018
Raise the Roof 6/26/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Lorianne Feltz 7/2/2018
On the Road Again 7/6/2018
Clear as Mud 7/24/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Penny Wright 8/1/2018
The Growing Buzz About Blockchain 8/27/2018
Teamwork Makes the Team Work 8/8/2018
Risk No Reward 8/29/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Christopher Fusco 9/3/2018
The Buzz on LMI 9/7/2018
What You Say 9/5/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Bryan Falchuk 10/4/2018
Express Yourself 10/8/2018
Cleared for Launch 10/29/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Anne Blume 11/7/2018
I ❤ CLM NY 11/23/2018
Developments in Accountant’s Liability 12/3/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Jaclyn Chapman 12/4/2018
Understanding Millennials and Gen Z 12/7/2018
Rolling Out the Welcome Mat 12/12/2018
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Tom McLaughlin 1/1/2019
Orlando’s Magic Beckons 1/7/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Jason Montes 2/5/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Dan Berman 3/4/2019
Secrets to Successful Mediations 3/21/2019
A Richness Defined 3/13/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Crystal Ware 4/2/2019
Insuring the New and Unknown 4/5/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Hotaling 5/9/2019
Game of Rooms 5/20/2019
Boston Bound 5/3/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Max Koonce 6/3/2019
In the Weeds 6/26/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Tara Acton 7/4/2019
What Could Go Wrong? 7/18/2019
Back in Session 7/22/2019
CLM Voices:Getting to Know Rod Patterson 8/1/2019
Helping Injured Workers Quickly 8/14/2019
Cyber Education at Its Best 8/9/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Caitlin Modlin 9/2/2019
Digging Up Social Media Data 9/6/2019
All About LMI 9/11/2019
Boots in the Bahamas 10/18/2019
Getting to Know: Gary Gassman 10/5/2019
Getting to Know: Jeffrey Koonankeil 11/4/2019
A Wonderful Time of Year 11/8/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Rebekah Ratliff 12/16/2019
Awards Season 12/14/2019
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Matthew Smith 1/3/2020
CE Comes to CLM’s Webinars 1/9/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Charlie Wendland 2/18/2020
Flying High With Drones 2/11/2020
Employment Law-Focused Review of State Cannabis Laws Released 3/11/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Chang 3/10/2020
Dodging Settlement Traps 3/13/2020
The Best of the Best 3/19/2020
When Life Gives You Lemons 4/29/2020
CLM Voices: Ian Stewart 4/25/2020
The Show Must Go On 5/5/2020
CLM’s Webinars Tackle Every Angle of COVID-19 5/11/2020
Getting to Know: Cathy Gicker 5/26/2020
Getting to Know: Stacey Jackson 6/26/2020
A Focus FAQ 6/12/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Catherine Lyle 7/31/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Preston McGowan 8/28/2020
A Test-Taker's Notebook 9/10/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Dale Sherman 9/18/2020
Focus on (Free) CE 10/26/2020
Getting to Know: Susan Levy 10/29/2020
The Low Down on Driving High 10/27/2020
Building a Bomb Shelter 11/17/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know David Stills 11/27/2020
CLM Honors the Stars of 2020 12/25/2020
Head-Spinning Claims 12/14/2020
CLM Voices: Getting to Know Mitchell Dane-Henry 12/22/2020
Putting Communities First 1/11/2021
Ending Nuclear Proliferation 1/20/2021
Getting to Know: Alex Chazen 1/25/2021
Becoming Allies 2/16/2021
Getting to Know: James Bynoe 2/17/2021
Working Together Again 3/16/2021
Getting to Know: Robin Roberson 3/29/2021
Getting to Know: Summer Jenkins 4/22/2021
Time to Check In 5/3/2021
Developing Nuclear Weapons 5/4/2021
Getting to Know: Taylor Rawal 5/19/2021
Honoring the Best 6/9/2021
Getting to Know: John Hackett 6/21/2021
Take Two 7/7/2021
Getting to Know: Dan and Dana Franzetti 7/27/2021
Shining Bright 8/3/2021
Getting to Know: CLM CEO Ronna Ruppelt 8/4/2021
Changing Priorities 9/15/2021
Getting to Know: Dwight Geddes 9/29/2021
Getting to Know: Lea Kapral 10/20/2021
New York State of Mind 11/3/2021
Getting to Know: Michael L. Young 11/23/2021
Ready to Rock 12/8/2021
Getting to Know: Kelly Hopper Moore 12/22/2021
Getting to Know: Jocelyn Jopa 1/26/2022
Love at First Loss 1/31/2022
Twice as Nice 2/1/2022
Getting to Know: Pamela Carter 2/22/2022
The Suite Life 3/8/2022
Getting to Know: Sarannah McMurtry 3/29/2022
Back in the Groove 4/6/2022
Getting to Know: Carey Bond 4/27/2022
Previewing June Focus 5/4/2022
Getting to Know: Bill Oberts 5/18/2022
Back in Class 6/1/2022
Getting to Know: LaDonna Murphy 6/28/2022
Getting to Know: Beth Diamond 7/20/2022
Flying High 8/3/2022
Looking to the Future With Ronna Ruppelt 8/10/2022
Do You Know LMI? 9/7/2022
CLM Magazine Spotlights Young Phenoms 9/14/2022
Getting to Know: Derrick Mullen 9/20/2022
Hurricane Ian Damage (Photos) 10/4/2022
Impact of Hurricane Ian 10/5/2022
Are You a Phenom Under 40? 10/10/2022
Getting to Know: Elizabeth Fitch 10/26/2022
Thank You, Claims College Volunteers 11/3/2022
Getting to Know: Ronald Mazariegos 11/22/2022
Recognizing the Phenomenal 12/7/2022
Holidays Come Into Focus 12/7/2022
Getting to Know: Amy Cole-Smith 12/21/2022
Building Excitement for Annual Conference 1/24/2023
Getting to Know: Rose Charles 2/22/2023
They Believed They Could, So They Did 3/7/2023
Beaming With Pride 3/8/2023
Getting to Know: Cathleen Rebar 3/22/2023
Celebrating the Best 4/12/2023
Getting to Know: Sean Kevelighan 5/3/2023
Understanding the Opioid Epidemic 5/3/2023
Spotlight on Transportation 5/25/2023
Getting to Know: Mary Haefer 5/31/2023
Sunrise, Sunset 6/7/2023
Getting to Know: JD Keister 6/29/2023
Getting to Know: Phil Gusman 8/29/2023