Getting to Know: Ashley Will

Catholic Health Initiatives' Ashley Will shares her journey in claims and the importance of finding the right mentor.

October 24, 2014 Photo

The CLM Fellow tells us about her position as a claims coordinator at Catholic Health Initiatives, a national health care organization comprised of many different health care systems throughout the U.S. 

On what she likes most about her job:

“I enjoy the investigational aspect of working claims the most.  Currently, I handle general liability and hospital professional liability claims. Handling these types of claims allows me to use my clinical and non-clinical education to help piece together the events of the loss. I have degrees in both nuclear medicine and business law.  The two degrees are a great mix of both the business and health care worlds, and both strengthen my ability to work a claim in terms of knowing what additional questions need to be asked in order to fully evaluate the loss.”

On her biggest on-the-job challenges:

“I think the biggest challenge for me has been handling claims in multiple states and systems, which can be a challenge for any claims professional. Learning about all of the facilities that we insure and getting to know each risk manager can be hard at times. It is important for me to get to know the risk managers because it allows me to understand their styles of work. Once that can be distinguished, it allows us both to work together effectively and efficiently.”

On the advice she would give herself in 30 years:

“I think my today’s self would tell my future self to remember the challenges and difficulties that you can run into when handling claims. I would remind myself to be a mentor and show support and guidance to those who have decided to take this path with their careers. I have had mentors in the past who have helped me develop and strengthen my professional skills. Finding a mentor who you feel comfortable with is key because you can allow yourself to be open and grow, building your professional repertoire of skills.”

On something about herself that nobody else knows:

“I am an open book, but I guess not many people know that I was born on a Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe that is why I am such a big Cincinnati Bengals fan. Who Dey!” 

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