Questions to Expect at Your Next Interview

"I am interviewing for a claims job next week. What type of questions can I expect?"

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Great Insurance Jobs’ Cofounder Roger Lear is here to help you overcome obstacles to your career and job search. This month, he answers a question with more questions. 

Q. I am interviewing for a claims job next week. What type of questions can I expect?

A few months ago, I talked about the interview process and how to showcase your skills when interviewing by using examples of your work in your responses. Since then, I have received a lot of feedback asking for information on what other types of questions claims professionals should be ready to answer. What I found after all of my research are 10 questions that I would ask you if I was a claims manager. Knowing the “test questions” are a great start, but you have to be able to answer these questions in a non-rehearsed manner, highlighting each answer with an example of your work. Insurance companies don’t like to hire robots.

These questions mainly pertain to the final interview with the claims manager. Please understand that, many times, you will meet with human resources first, either by phone or in person. A huge mistake many claims people make is to take this interview lightly. Even though 90 percent of the time this is not a technical interview, if you don’t answer these questions with confidence, then you will never get to the next level. Here are typical human resources-related questions:

1.   Why do you want to leave your current job? (Keep it positive, even if you’re going to scream!)

2.   Why did you leave your other positions? (Be honest, no matter what.)

3.   What interests you in this claims job? (Less travel, more significant claims, outstanding company reputation.)

4.   What do you know about our company? (Do some research. This is the typical question that many do not answer well.)

5.   What salary do you desire? (This is tricky. Hopefully, you already know what the position pays. But if not, you can let them know your current salary and “would consider your best offer if this job is a fit for both of us…I am excited to find out.”)

If you have taken the human resources interview seriously and made it to the claims manager, then here are the questions that you can expect to be asked:

1.     Tell me about a problematic claim you adjusted? What was it, how did you solve it, and what could you have done better? (Make the claim relevant to the types of claims that you would be handling at that company.)

2.   Tell me about the biggest mistake you made in one of your jobs and what you learned from it? (Be prepared for this one. It catches many interviewees off guard).

3.   Tell me how a former colleague, manager, or team member would describe you?

4.   How do you deal with interruptions all day long and stay organized? (Use examples of a typical day.)

5.   If you have an issue with a claimant who doesn’t agree with your assessment, what do you do? (Give examples, this is what you do.)

6.   What are you looking for in this company that you don’t have at your current or former company? (Hopefully, you know the answer to this by your research. However, it is essential for you to make sure this job fits what you are looking for, as well.)

7.   When did you go above and beyond for a claimant? (Use examples.)

8.   What questions do you have for me? (No questions mean you have no interest. My favorite question is asking the manager what they like most about working at that company.)

You should be able to handle the technical questions, but, for the better jobs, the answers that you give to your customer service and co-worker questions will be the ones that get you the job.


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