Allyship in the Workplace

CLM Members and Fellows describe the perfect work ally

June 14, 2023 Photo

We asked CLM members and fellows: As part of recognizing June as Pride Month, how would you describe the perfect work ally?

“The perfect work ally is someone who has the understanding that there is no such thing as a perfect ally, the vulnerability to admit that they don’t have all the answers to be the perfect ally, and the humility to learn how to be a more perfect ally.”

Patrick Thantacheva, Director of Risk Management, Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC. CLM Fellow since 2014.

“The perfect work ally is one who listens, supports, educates, encourages, and acts. The ally helps you find your voice and opportunities to speak your truth, demands others take notice and listen, and champions your cause in the interest of equity and fairness. The ally acknowledges the privilege they enjoy, recognizes everyone is not similarly situated, and exercises their influence to promote positive change.”

Gary Gassman, Shareholder, Cozen O’Connor. CLM Member since 2016.

“The perfect LGBTQ work ally is one who actively promotes and supports an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued. They listen, educate themselves, and use inclusive language, while advocating for equal opportunities and challenging discriminatory behavior.”

Angeline IoannouManaging Partner, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP. CLM Member since 2017.

“The most effective allies are actively facing obstacles under-represented groups experience by: discovering lesser-known history, learning about current issues, and engaging with individuals one-on-one to build relationships. For Pride Month, consider: @Stonewall, @LGBTQ Obstacles, and @LGBTQ Allies. My firm and I are proud allies!”

Teresa Beck, Managing Shareholder, Klinedinst PC. CLM Member since 2012.


Percent of Fortune 500 companies that have implemented non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation.

Source: Equality Forum 


Percent of Fortune 500 companies that include transgender-inclusive benefits.

Source: Human Rights Campaign 



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