Promoting Women in Insurance

CLM members and fellows share their thoughts and suggestions

April 02, 2024 Photo

We asked CLM members and fellows: How have you worked within the industry to promote women in insurance? 

“The industry has given me the platform to be an advocate for the advancement of women and people with diverse backgrounds. Through my mentorship of others, I have been able to support and encourage growth and development so that my associates can also become leaders. It hasn’t always been an equal playing field for women and diverse people to climb the ladder of success, but the tides are changing. The future looks promising.” 

Tracy Abatemarco, Co-Managing Partner, Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP. CLM Member since 2013. 

“I am committed to promoting gender diversity and inclusion initiatives and fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives. As an active sponsor, I provide guidance, support, and advocacy to women in the insurance industry, drawing from the support I have received from exceptional mentors and sponsors throughout my own career.” 

Angela Lee, Director of National Claims Operations, Marsh McLennan Agency. CLM Fellow since 2017.  

“I have worked to promote a flexible work environment and the ability to be on a partner track even if not billing at 100% of standard billable hours. For me, this flexibility is a big selling point about insurance work. I might be working at 11pm but that is because I was able to attend my child’s event at 11am. I encourage other women in insurance to make time for what is important to them. Otherwise, the job is all-consuming and it doesn’t help to burn out.”  

Beth Jenson Prouty, Shareholder, Arthur Chapman Kettering Smetak & Pikala, P.A. CLM Member since 2019. 

“Studies show women are more likely to hold back from applying to a job unless they meet 100% of the criteria. I’ve coached others on applying to roles for which they are mostly qualified and have been a thought partner on talking about transferrable skills during the interview process.”  

Kimberly Vaughn, Vice President, Claims, Amerisure. CLM Fellow since 2014.  

“I am deeply invested in building the very best teams in the industry. On all my teams, I’ve looked to promote and mentor diverse talent of all kinds, which most certainly includes promising young women. I’ve also taken care to engage my teams about their career paths and opened the lines of communication for everyone to feel supported, seen, and appreciated. As a result, I’ve been lucky to work alongside some of the most impressive women who embody the grace, class, and excellence that Women’s History Month honors.”  

Malaika Simmons, Head of Claims Strategy, Ategrity Specialty Insurance Company. CLM Fellow since 2023. 

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