School’s Out for Summer

Get ready to head back to school in September to the Claims College.

July 29, 2013 Photo

Living on a college campus as I do, I’m privy to students’ conversations when I make my way to and from the coffee shop each morning. Standing in line the other day, mere weeks before graduation, I overheard one say, “I can’t wait to graduate and get a job so I can figure out what I want to do with my life.”

Isn’t this exactly the kind of graduate who might fall into a career in claims? After all, even if he’s attending a college that offers a degree in risk management or some other insurance-related field, he certainly hasn’t been taught anything specific about claims or the management thereof—it simply doesn’t exist in higher education. If he’s majored in anything but engineering and yearns to move out of mom and dad’s basement, he might very well answer an ad on Monster for an entry-level claims adjusting job.

This backdoor recruitment is something the CLM is working on correcting for our industry. In addition to promoting claims as a career path in colleges, we’re also dedicated to launching our own Claims College for those already in the insurance ranks, giving them the kind of practical educational experience the above-mentioned student might have found more enlightening and useful.

If you’ve made claims your career, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this game-changing college. School may be out for summer, but get ready to head back in September.  

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Eric Gilkey

Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.

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