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Getting to know Anoush Holaday, partner and director of associate success, Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP

March 08, 2024 Photo

Anoush Holaday, Partner and Director of Associate Success Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP  

Holaday talks about her role as director of associate success, what mentorship means to her, how she helps women and minority groups in the industry, and how she achieves work-life coexistence in a holistic way.  


Holaday believes it is her responsibility to leave this industry better than she found it. “I want to emulate the mentors [who] have helped me throughout my practice. I feel very grateful for the opportunities and achievements it afforded me, and I want to do the same [for] as many junior attorneys as I can.” 

“As director of associate success, I endeavor to knock on everyone’s doors throughout our 39 nationwide offices. I spend one-on-one time with our attorneys on anything that comes up in their daily practice, be it legal issues, strategy development, case management, writing, legal billing—the list is endless.”  

Holaday, on how she serves in her firm’s newly created mentorship role. 


Holaday strives to make it easier for young women to enter, become successful, and remain in law, and she leads by example. “I’m a working attorney and a mother of two young daughters. It means a lot to me that I was elevated to partnership when I was on maternity leave—not just for me, but for future young women professionals who too may want to have a family and be an excellent attorney.” 

“A part of this passion is recognizing that there remains a ‘law firm hazing’ culture in the broader legal industry. I endeavor to do the opposite…I will not take advantage of power dynamics to delegate down difficult grunt work and take an afternoon off. It’sactually not that altruistic of me: It makes for stronger attorneys that are better equipped to provide the excellent lawyering I demand on my own cases and for my clients.”  

Holaday, on the inspiration behind her passion for mentorship. 



Holaday discusses her unique take on work-life balance. “I don’t aim to have ‘work-life balance,’ as I worry it’s as much of a myth as ‘having it all.’ …I instead try to come at it more holistically. There will be phases where work will be more demanding of me and, in turn, there will be phases where I can devote more time and attention to non-work life interests."  

“The young women professionals I’veencountered are brilliant lawyers. The industry needs them. In turn, these women need role models. …I hope to continue to demonstrate to younger women professionals that their career goals aren’t at odds with their femininity or personal goals.”  

Holaday, on how she helps young women gain a foothold in the industry. 

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