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Report: Claims Among Most In-Demand Carrier Positions 10/25/2023
You Get What You Pay For 11/29/2023
Two Jurisdictions Tie for Top Spot in Latest ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Report 12/6/2023
Cognitive Bias and Its Impact on Decision-Making 12/6/2023
Is AI Scary or Useful? For Insurance, Both 12/13/2023
Thunderstorms a Rising Contributor to Natural Catastrophe Insured Losses 12/13/2023
The U.S. Burns Less in 2023 12/14/2023
Most Retail Workers’ Compensation Claims are Filed in January 12/20/2023
Promising Generative AI Technology Also Brings Risks to D&O Market 12/21/2023
Insurance Fraud: Victimless Crime? Think Again 12/21/2023
As Personal Auto Goes, So Goes the P&C Industry 12/21/2023
Surveillance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 12/27/2023
When Home Is a Castle 12/27/2023
2023 Ends With Costly Storms Along Both Coasts 1/4/2024
Hochul Again Vetoes Grieving Families Act 1/4/2024
Illinois BIPA Decision Sets Up Clash of Jurisdictions 1/11/2024
Addressing Legal System Abuse Tops APCIA 2024 Priority List 1/11/2024
Rhode Island Introduces Workers’ Comp Discrimination Bill 1/18/2024
Cyber Incidents Top 2024 Global Corporate Risks 1/18/2024
What Makes a Jurisdiction a 'Judicial Hellhole'? 1/25/2024
NCCI Survey Reveals Insurance Executives’ Top Workers’ Comp Concerns 1/25/2024
Global Nat Cat Losses Top $100B for Fourth Consecutive Year 1/25/2024
NJ Gov. Signs Two Workers' Comp First Responder Bills 1/25/2024
Distracted Driving on the Rise and Impacting Combined Ratios 1/31/2024
Bill Would Require Employers to Post Notice of Employees’ Rights to Attorney 1/31/2024
Rhode Island Workers’ Comp Bill Would Expand Definition of ‘Employee’ 1/31/2024
Building Careers and Relationships 2/6/2024
Insurer 'Safety Alert' Highlights Construction Industry's Serious Workplace Injury Trends 2/6/2024
Global Ransomware Attacks Reach Record High in 2023 2/6/2024
P&C Combined Ratio Projected at 103.9; Commercial Lines Outperform Personal Lines 2/13/2024
West Virginia Rolls Out Successful Pilot for National Digital Titling Clearinghouse 8/21/2023
Fewer Insurers Planning to Increase Staff in 2024 8/21/2023
Insurers That Embrace AI, Reinvention Are Seeing Results: McKinsey 2/28/2024
Regulators Focus on AI Amid Rapid Growth in Use 2/27/2024
Commercial Lines Rates Up in Q4 2023 Compared to Q3 2/27/2024
Cat Losses, Inflation Send Homeowners Insurers to 2023 Underwriting Loss 3/1/2024
US Supreme Court Finds Choice-of-Law Provisions Presumptively Enforceable 3/4/2024
Organizations Across Multiple Industries Turn to AI To Root Out Fraud 3/5/2024
CLM Voices 3/8/2024
Accepting Responsibility to Avoid Nuclear Verdicts 3/11/2024
Most Partial Driving Automation Systems Fail IIHS Safeguard Tests 3/18/2024
Most Americans Agree: Tort and TPLF Reforms Are Needed 3/26/2024
Settling Cases When Plaintiff Demands Exceed Policy Limits 3/22/2024
Projected Extreme Hurricane Season Threatens to Break Records 4/1/2024
Global Nat Cat Losses Exceed $100 Billion for Fourth Consecutive Year 4/2/2024
Simply Phenom-enal 4/9/2024
Exploring PWFA and Its Implications for Employers 4/8/2024
Vehicle Thefts Continue to Surge in 2023 4/16/2024
CSU Issues Highest April-Outlook Hurricane Season Prediction 4/12/2024
De-Escalating Nuclear Verdicts 1/31/2024
Moneyball and Litigation Management 1/31/2024
Where Data and Catastrophes Meet 1/31/2024
Standing Out for Stepping Up 4/23/2024
The War on DEI 4/22/2024
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