Extending the Ladder Down

Takeaways from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee's recent webinar, “You Have Broken Through the Glass Ceiling…What’s Next? How Leadership Can Extend the Ladder Down"

March 02, 2022 Photo

CLM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee recently held a webinar entitled, “You Have Broken Through the Glass Ceiling…What’s Next? How Leadership Can Extend the Ladder Down,” which focused on what needs to be done to recruit diverse talent and create opportunities for young professionals. Below are a few takeaways from the presentation.

12:00:00 p.m.

Caryn Siebert, Vice President—Carrier Practice, Gallagher Bassett 

Brenna Hampton, Partner, Hanna Brophy, LLP


Brenna Hampton

“DEI is not just about any one particular group. …It’s very important to understand that DEI in the workplace—and being able to learn the lessons of growing up in a non-diverse workplace—really can inform and inspire one to want to see a more diverse workplace.”


Brenna Hampton

“Who are the people within your organization that you have an opportunity to help? And it may be that you are wanting to extend the ladder down and share some of the secrets of your success and some of the privileges of your success is premature until you start recruiting the type of people who are going to be able to leverage your experience and opportunities.”


Caryn Siebert

“Somehow we all end up in this great industry together where we get to help people. And so, when we’re helping all these other people work through claims and work through their lawsuits, why aren’t we helping each other be successful and have more than just a job, have a true career full of satisfaction?”


Caryn Siebert

“If you can’t be your authentic self, and you’re faking it, or you’re uncomfortable, then that doesn’t help any of us. We want people to bring all of their authentic experiences—their different viewpoints—to the table.”


Brenna Hampton

“The idea that you gain by giving doesn’t mean that you should give up yourself, your identity, or your values in order to allow someone else to prosper.”


Brenna Hampton

“The true extension of the ladder down and the true giving within any field is not going to deplete you or any of those very important core concepts. If it’s done correctly, it’s going to add value, and add to your own identity and your own capabilities.”


Caryn Siebert

“When you get that C-suite, when you get that equity partner, whatever the role is…do understand that up front there is a little bit more work because there may also be a prejudice that says, ‘You got that job because you are a ______,’ whatever that [blank] is.”


Caryn Siebert

“If you hit that wall or issue, then…you’re having to put in twice as much work to prove yourself—that you deserve that seat at the table, and that you’re not just a ‘token x’; that you really did merit that job and earned that seat…[remember] to pay it forward and bring along that next generation.”

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