Getting to Know: Dan and Dana Franzetti

Learn more about this CNA / Swiss Re insurance power couple's daily life

July 27, 2021 Photo

Paths to Insurance

When New Jersey Dan and Minnesota Dana sat next to each other in an entertainment law course, it sparked an unlikely romance. After law school, Dan’s interest in law enforcement led him to an insurer’s investigations unit, where he was hooked. When Dana was at a crossroads as a young attorney in NYC, she was offered a role handling professional liability claims—a perfect fit given Dan’s experience in the industry.

“We understand the industry, we have an appreciation for what we each do, and we ride the inevitable peaks and valleys of the industry together.”

The Franzettis, discussing the benefits of them both working in insurance.

Career Couple Advice

What’s the best piece of work advice the Franzettis have received? Dana says it was when someone told her to develop her strengths, because that is where she will bring value to a firm and to the industry. As for Dan, he says the advice, “No one cares more about your development and career than you do,” has stuck with him over the years.

“Given our roles, we both fundamentally understand that there is very little we can or should talk about, but we both strive to be the best leaders we can be.”

The Franzettis, on whether or not home is a “safe space” from work. (Dana admits to leaving leadership sticky notes around the house.)

 Watching Their Backs 

Both Franzettis agree that social inflation is one insurance claims trend they are both watching closely. Dan says it was muted a bit during the pandemic, but Dana says the contributing factors that enable social inflation—like litigation funding and more capital entering the litigation system—haven’t disappeared. She says while it may have faded, it’s definitely not gone for good.

“We both love to travel and to see and experience different cultures. As soon as we return from one travel adventure, we begin planning the next.”

The Franzettis explaining how they spend their free time out of the office.

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