Getting to Know: Phil Gusman

CLM's director of content takes over the reins as editor in chief of CLM Magazine

August 29, 2023 Photo

Family Introduction

Gusman’s interest in insurance began with his father’s brokerage in New York, which served the passenger transportation industry. While he thinks many outside the industry perceive insurance as boring, he learned quickly that it’s full of twists, turns, and unique personalities—perhaps even more so in the niche lines.

“I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to work with editors who taught me exactly what I needed to learn at each stage of my career.”

Gusman, who says he has greatly benefitted from the life lessons, professional advice, and patience of his editors over the years.

When Experience Matters

Gusman has been writing about insurance claims since 2005, when he first helmed the editorial operations for a regional publication focused on insurance fraud in the New York tri-state area. He soon rose up the ranks at National Underwriter P&C, where he helped develop, launch, and run and managed a team of four editors that produced a daily eNewsletter. 

“It’s amazing having so many talented industry professionals pitching and writing articles. Having a knowledge base that is so eager and accessible makes CLM Magazine unique compared to other publications.”

Gusman, who says interacting with members and fellows is his favorite part of the job.

Rising Trends

Gusman says watching the ebb and flow of flood insurance over the course of his career has been interesting. When he first started covering the industry, private insurers had very little appetite for flood risks, and would consistently convey that to legislators during NFIP reauthorization discussions. Thanks in part to better modeling, he says the conversations are very different today.

“I really enjoy keeping aquariums. I like creating relaxing environments, from critters you can’t even see, to the plants, and then, of course, the fish.”

Gusman, on how he unwinds after a day of writing and editing.




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