Getting to Know: Summer Jenkins

Learn how Cannasure's Business Development Manager helped create the first policy to insure cannabis and cash using lessons she learned early in her career

April 22, 2021 Photo

First-Shot Success

Jenkins stumbled into the insurance industry quite by accident. While in school, she went for what was supposed to be a mock interview at Aon—but she ended up landing the job, which focused on insuring construction services. Years later, while working as an underwriting manager, she was recruited to create the first program in the U.S. to insure cannabis business-related cargo and cash.

“The best lesson I have learned is that no job is too small. Be willing to do whatever is needed, be humble, kind, and honest.”

Jenkins, explaining the principles she tries to adhere to every day.

Calculated Risks

In excess and surplus underwriting, Jenkins says its critical to have a good understanding of the risk that is being insured; how to adequately cover the risk; and how to protect your carrier’s “paper.” She says having opportunities to see how policies actually stand up and perform in a real claims scenario has helped her immensely in understanding risks associated with cannabis businesses.

“I think legislators and permitting institutions were a little unsure, so they made requirements more astringent than one might see in other arenas.”

Jenkins, hinting at the difficulties cannabis business operators face in just getting their doors open.

Making a Difference

Jenkins volunteers for an organization that examines cannabis business claims that have been denied, which has been helpful to many shop owners who don’t always fit the traditional business mold and come to the industry via opportunities from legislative social justice reforms. When shops faced claims denials during last summer’s riots, she worked with business owners to obtain a satisfactory resolution so that they could continue to operate their businesses.

“I really love to fish, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by lakes and rivers in Sacramento.”

Jenkins, on how she relaxes outside of the office.

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