New Year’s Resolutions for the Industry

CLM Fellows and Members share their work-related resolutions for 2023

February 15, 2023 Photo

What is your work-related New Year’s resolution for 2023?

“As our industry continues to adapt in an increasingly virtual arena—mediations, meetings, and court conferences over Zoom, for example—my resolution in 2023 is to adapt and grow in how I engage with my team, and how they engage with each other, to ensure we continue to work together to develop as a unit.”

Jessica Mauch, Head of Primary Casualty Claims, AXIS. CLM Fellow since 2015.

“After two years of Zoom meetings, my 2023 resolution is to visit and meet my clients and contacts in person. You cannot replace the significance of talking to people face to face, and the bonds you create are irreplaceable. So, besides archiving all of my 2022 emails immediately, I plan to meet with as many people in person as possible!”

Elaine FreschSenior Partner, Hawkins Parnell & Young, LLP. CLM Member since 2012.

“Some of my work-related resolutions include increase my participation in giving presentations, and mentoring and providing outreach to younger generations in hopes of attracting talent to the insurance industry. I’d also like to take on more complex administrative tasks, become more innovative and creative, and take on more of a leadership role and be more proactive with other departments. And, finally, I’d like to expand my knowledge of first-party property claims.”

Derrick MullenVice President, Home Office Claims, Seneca Insurance Company. CLM Fellow since 2012.

“You know what they say about the road to hell…it is paved with good intentions. New Year’s resolutions can easily fall into this category, so I tend to keep mine short and specific. This year, with travel restrictions lifted, I am focused on having more personal interactions with colleagues.”

Trey Watkins, Shareholder, Wall Templeton & Haldrup, PA. CLM Member since 2012.


Percent of employees who said learning and development opportunities would help them feel more engaged on the job.

Source: Udemy

$2.9 million

Amount that U.S. employers are spending per day looking for replacement workers.

Source: Zenefits

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