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CLM is unique because we are powered by people

August 18, 2021 Photo

To say I am both humbled and energized by the enthusiastic welcome from our community is an understatement. Although I have been an active member of CLM for over a decade and know many of you, during the past week I have had the pleasure to meet hundreds of you virtually, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in person at the Annual Conference. I learn something new at every CLM event, and I always walk away with energy, inspiration, and a stronger connection with our community. I’m even more excited to experience the Annual Conference for the first time in my new role! 

CLM is unique because we are powered by people. We are a vibrant community, passionate about sharing knowledge to help each other excel. A rising tide lifts all boats. That is what I love about CLM, and it is what drew me to this role—the power and the passion of our people. We are a team, and I am excited to discover opportunities to help make being part of this team even more valuable for you. 

Over the coming months, I plan to listen, learn, and engage with you to understand what you need from the CLM, then translate those needs into innovative solutions that help you stay on the leading edge as our industry rapidly evolves. This is your community, and I am eager to hear your thoughts. There will be plenty of formal sharing opportunities, but I invite you to reach out to me directly, whether it is a chat at an event, an email, or even a LinkedIn connection. I am here to serve you, and I look forward to taking your CLM experience to the next level.

All the best,

Ronna Ruppelt



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Ronna F. Ruppelt

Ronna F. Ruppelt, Esq. is chief executive officer of The CLM.

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