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Q&A with Jason Feld, CLM’s first Volunteer of the Year award winner

April 23, 2024 Photo

At the 2024 CLM Annual Conference in San Francisco, CLM announced Jason Feld, co-founding partner, Kahana Feld, as its inaugural winner of the Volunteer of the Year award. The award recognizes an outstanding individual who has given time, energy, and expertise to CLM and the industry. Feld has tirelessly supported his local CLM chapter, developing creative events that connect CLM to the local community. He is also a frequent speaker, writer, and contributor for CLM events. Below, Feld discusses the award and what volunteering means to him and his career.

Jason Feld

Founding Partner

Kahana Feld


Q: What does it mean to you to have been selected as the inaugural volunteer of the year award winner? How did it feel to win? 

Feld: I am truly humbled and honored to be the inaugural recipient of the CLM Volunteer of the Year Award.  My success is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of all my fellow CLM Orange County Chapter board members and volunteers, and especially my Kahana Feld family. It was a wonderful recognition by CLM.


Q: What do your volunteer efforts mean to you and your career?

Feld: On a local level, the CLM Orange County Chapter is a special group of insurance professionals, attorneys and supporters that truly connect with one another and the community in terms of education, training, networking and giving back. The relationships and camaraderie of our chapter is what kept me in leadership positions for the past six years.  I am especially proud of the Chapter’s charitable endeavors including partnering up with the Surfrider Foundation doing a beach cleanup event every year, and fundraising for the local Second Harvest Food Bank during the pandemic.

On a national level, I am proud to be a mainstay on the CLM conference circuit speaking at the Annual Conference, Construction Conference and serving as a faculty member at Claims College in the School of Claims Mediation. The networking and relationship building at these CLM events have helped bolster our firm’s insurance defense practice.

Q: What first inspired you to become involved in volunteer work?

Feld: The local CLM Orange County Chapter leadership team recruited me to the board over six years ago. I was tasked with coming up with some new MCLE/CE events and eventually became the Director of Education. I later took over as president of the CLM Orange County Chapter when the pandemic broke out. There was more of an overwhelming need for connection and networking during these dark times. The chapter continued to have events during the pandemic to stay connected including virtual game/trivia night, online educational event, mixology and spirit tasting class, and a charitable online fundraiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank. I remember driving to chapter member’s homes and dropping off “mix kits” and swag bags for the events and social distancing at their doors to say hello. While this was a difficult year for everyone, the Chapter thrived and continued to lead the way for CLM. I stayed on as president for four years in total and recently stepped down to the role of Director of Events to allow others to take the reins of the chapter.

Q: What keeps your initial spark of inspiration ignited today?

Feld: I think community building, leadership development and developing a legacy for the incoming attorneys and insurance professionals both on the local and national levels. I still really enjoy the friendships and connections made at the CLM events and realty enjoy giving back to the larger community. And I will always stay dedicated to the CLM Orange County Chapter serving in whatever role they need to ensure their success.

Q: What has been your favorite volunteer experience so far? Why?

Feld: My favorite volunteer experience with CLM continues to be the charitable “give back” events. For the CLM Orange County Chapter, it’s our annual Surfrider Beach Cleanup Event where we get to kayak and canoe along the shores of Huntington Beach and pick up trash and beautify our local beaches and harbors. Anytime you can mix a fun day at the beach and doing something positive for the environment—it’s a great day.

Q: How do you feel your volunteer experience and award paves the way for others in the industry who are interested in making a difference in both their careers and their communities?

Feld: I believe the key thing is to lead by example. I have always strived to help others in my daily life whether it was earning my Eagle Scout, serving on community boards, volunteering at my synagogue, or being active in CLM. Giving back is a core value for myself and my firm.

Kahana Feld is “Upstanding, Outstanding & Understanding”. Being Upstanding is an integral part of how our firm and its attorneys approach all aspects of practicing law and developing our relationships with our clients and insurance carriers.

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