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Takeaways from CLM's recent Tech Talk webinar, "Five Things to Consider for Building a Smart AI Claims Team"

May 17, 2023 Photo

CLM recently held a Tech Talk webinar entitled, “Five Things to Consider for Building a Smart AI Claims Team,” which discussed the important roles artificial intelligence and advanced analytics can play in identifying fraud schemes and training the next generation of claims professionals. Below are a few takeaways from the presentation.



Jeff Lieberman, Director, Anti-Fraud and Recovery, Central Insurance

John Standish, Chief Innovation and Compliance Officer,


Jeff Lieberman

“We absolutely need to utilize advanced analytics in our ability to help us detect [potential fraud], but then we also have to have an effective program to triage those alerts.”


John Standish

“Artificial intelligence with machine learning and natural language processing can be the great su-pervisor and teacher, especially for the newer claims examiner.”


John Standish

“One of the things the industry is suffering with is experienced claims staff are retiring and there is a lot of institutional knowledge exiting the building. So how do you grab that institutional knowledge and impart it on the newer professional?”


John Standish

“There’s a gap. There’s a huge skill and learning gap. But in the meantime, the claims don’t stop. Claims keep coming in.”


John Standish

“One of the things that AI can do is it can use its power, go back and look at four or five years of claims data, and the machine will learn from all of those past claims—what was the cause of loss? What was the liability? What was the coverage? Who was negligent?”


John Standish

“What AI can do with the past data set—you can identify…topics and events, and the AI can use topics and events to put together accurate alerts for the claims examiner to point out issues that they need to be paying attention to.”


Jeff Lieberman

“That early identification with the application of advanced analytics is so key. And so is the early referral piece for the fraud identification.”


John Standish

“AI is not going to take your job. But the person using AI is going to take your job. Now’s the time to get involved.”




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