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The Power of Together

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on why this year's Annual Conference is a "can't-miss" event

March 24, 2022 Photo

What makes this year’s Annual Conference a can’t-miss event for you?

“After many years of being affiliated with CLM, I still get excited about the Annual Conference. The conference enables me to expand my knowledge, networking circle, personal brand, and advance my career. This event enhances my professional and personal development, and I am inspired by the keynote speakers, presenters, and success stories. With all of the interactive educational sessions, I am able to apply my CEU credits to my licenses. The fun events following the presentations are a great opportunity to relax and mingle amongst the industry’s top claims professionals.”

Arlene DiCarlo, Claims Analyst I, Retail Business Services, an Ahold Delhaize Company. CLM Fellow since 2013.

“Relationships. We’ve proven we can exist in a virtual world, but there really isn’t anything like attending a conference in person. I look forward to connecting with friends and colleagues, as well as the opportunity to meet new professionals as we come together in a singular and extraordinary environment.”

Hema Mehta, Partner, The Chartwell Law Offices. CLM Member since 2011.

“From LMI to Claims College to Annual Conference, I have always walked away from CLM events having learned something new and immediately relevant to my practice, and with a few new friends to talk shop with until the next one. Spoiler alert: I expect next year’s to be a can’t-miss event, too.”

Tristan Orozco, Attorney, Haight, Brown & Bonesteel, LLP. CLM Member since 2019.

“This year’s Annual Conference is a can’t-miss mostly because it’s the first full scale, in-person event since a lot of the vaccine and indoor event mandates have been lifted. We are at the dawn of the ‘Great Reopening’ and it’s a great time to celebrate this with our colleagues and friends at CLM.”

Dwight Geddes, Claims Adjusting & Consulting, Metro Claims & Risk Mgmt. CLM Fellow since 2013.



Number of cutting-edge sessions offered during the three-day Annual Conference period.

Source: CLM


Number of days per year that the sun shines in Palm Desert.

Source: Bestplaces.net


Number of CLM Annual Conferences prior to this year’s event.

Source: CLM


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Fran Clark is SME Manager at CLM.  fran.clark@TheCLM.org

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