What Went Better Than Expected For Our Industry in 2021?

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on our industry

November 10, 2021 Photo

While there have been some setbacks on the road back to “normal”
this year, what is something that you believe has gone better than expected
for the claims/litigation industry so far in 2021?

“Working remotely and conducting legal proceedings via video conferences seems to have worked better than anyone could have expected. Many attorneys are now comfortable conducting depositions remotely even when complex exhibits may be anticipated, as the technology has evolved to allow users to manage documents on their computers and tablets and the users’ skills are improving with experience.” -R. Douglas Vaughn, Partner, Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP. CLM Member since 2013.

“Our industry’s ability to adapt to the pandemic and position our companies and employees to address the urgency to maintain a ‘status quo’ of claim/litigation operations  was monumental. Customers received refunds, service was aiming at the highest level, and everyone was ‘all in’ at home. Our industry was the benchmark for ‘pivotal changes’ at lightning speed.” -Cathy Gicker, Sr. Claim Consultant, Allstate Insurance Company. CLM Fellow since 2011. 

“I think the industry responded better than expected to all the forced innovation brought on by the pandemic. It certainly has, and continues to have, its challenges, but the quick pivot by the industry to keep claims moving was impressive. From the law firm side, mobile work environments, virtual hearings, depositions, mediations, and even trials were the biggest changes forced upon us. I predict we will see some permanent changes as a result.” -JD Keister, Attorney, McAngus Goudelock & Courie, LLC. CLM Member since 2013.

“The insurance sector has now fully implemented remote working. Virtual mediations, depositions, arbitrations, and trials are fast-moving and are ‘zooming’ through.” -Regina Cedeño, Enterprise Claims Data & Analytics Property and Shared Ops Director, AFICS. CLM Fellow since 2012.


Percent of surveyed North American office workers who worked from home more than one day per week during the pandemic.

Source: Global Workplace Analytics


Percent of all depositions that were remote during the height of the pandemic. PwC suggests over 50% of depositions will continue to occur remotely after all pandemic-related restrictions are lifted.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers


Percent of U.S. workforce expected to be remote by 2025.

Source: Upwork

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