Will you be sending staff to CLM’s Claims College, and what do you hope to gain?

State Auto CCO Steve Hunckler is one of five CLM members who answered this months' question.

August 20, 2014 Photo

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to send almost a dozen associates to this year’s Claims College. The quality of the program and faculty should prove to be rewarding for each of the attendees as well as the carriers they represent.”

1. Steve Hunckler, SVP, Chief Claims Officer, Risk, State Auto. CLM Fellow since 2012.

“As a corporate member of CLM, CNA is familiar with the valuable development opportunities Claims College offers. We will be sending approximately 60 claims professionals to the college this year to enhance their skills and prepare them to provide outstanding claims service to our customers.”

2. Albert F. Luther, Vice President, Claims Audit and Litigation Management, CNA. CLM Fellow since 2012.

We hope that all attendees will interact as much as possible with fellow students and faculty to gain a broader, more strategic understanding of the claims industry and the many fascinating and rewarding challenges and opportunities that it presents as a career today and in the future.”

3. Tom Clark, SVP, General Counsel, Claims, Selective Insurance Company of America. CLM Fellow since 2009.

“I am highly impressed by the quality and depth of the events and substantive education offered by the CLM. I expect that Claims College will enhance the foundation for several of our up-and-coming claims professionals.”

4. David DeLuca, Vice President, Claims, Vermont Mutual Insurance Group. CLM Fellow since 2012.

“The intense training provided at Claims College is just what our claims professionals are looking for to ensure that they are maintaining the skills necessary to provide the level of service our sophisticated customers expect and deserve.”

5. David Conner, Vice President & Chief Claims Officer, United Fire Group. CLM Fellow since 2010.


The number of new schools added to Claims College this year.
Source: The CLM


The number years to complete a Claims College certified designation. 
Source: The CLM 


The number of baby boomers who potentially could retire each day for the next 15 years.
Source: PewResearch Center


Percent that U.S. spending on corporate training grew in 2013.
Source: Bersin by Deloitte


Percent of employed adults who say their current job is their career.
Source: PewResearch Center

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Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017.  blips@claimsadvisor.com

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