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Bevrlee J. Lips


photo Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017. blips@claimsadvisor.com

Articles by Bevrlee J. Lips

Islamic Insurance on the Rise 10/20/2009
Getting Ahead of Cannabusiness Liability 3/6/2011
Claims and the Cat Model 6/2/2011
Chief Concerns: Claims Executive Focus 11/22/2011
Between the Lines, January 2012 1/3/2012
Around the Nation, January 2012 1/6/2012
EXCLUSIVE: New Report Looks at Parts, Prices and Availability, and the Future of Auto Claims 2/6/2012
Between the Lines, February 2012 2/7/2012
Around the Nation, February 2012 2/7/2012
California Learning 3/16/2012
Around the Nation, March 2012 3/16/2012
Between the Lines, March 2012 3/25/2012
Around the Nation, April 2012 4/13/2012
Between the Lines, April 2012 4/20/2012
Around the Nation, May 2012 5/21/2012
Between the Lines, May 2012 5/21/2012
Around the Nation, June 2012 6/22/2012
Between the Lines: How Do You Build Trust? 6/22/2012
Between the Lines: July 2012 7/26/2012
Around the Nation: July 2012 7/26/2012
Between the Lines: August 2012 8/29/2012
Around the Nation: August 2012 8/29/2012
Around the Nation: September 2012 9/27/2012
Between the Lines: September 2012 9/27/2012
Between the Lines: October 2012 10/24/2012
Around the Nation: October 2012 10/24/2012
Between the Lines: November 2012 11/28/2012
Around the Nation: November 2012 11/29/2012
AIG’s Jane Tutoki Explains Her Role in the Claims College 12/18/2012
Around the Nation: December 2012 12/19/2012
Between the Lines: December 2012 12/19/2012
Between the Lines: January 2013 1/23/2013
Around the Nation: January 2013 1/23/2013
Inside Look at the Claims College 2/26/2013
Between the Lines: February 2013 2/27/2013
Around the Nation: February 2013 2/27/2013
Between the Lines: March 2013 3/22/2013
Around the Nation: March 2013 3/22/2013
"What current or pending legislation concerns you most?" 4/30/2013
Around the Nation: April 2013 4/30/2013
Knowledge Is Power 5/14/2013
Around the Nation: May 2013 5/21/2013
"What Apps Do You Use as Part of Your Job?" 5/21/2013
"How Does Your Company View Social Media?" 6/26/2013
Around the Nation: June 2013 6/26/2013
"What do you see as the biggest growth drivers for the next 12 months?" 7/29/2013
Around the Nation: July 2013 7/30/2013
The Importance of Elevating the Claims Profession 8/14/2013
“What do you hope to gain from the CLM’s first-ever Claims College?” 8/28/2013
Around the Nation: August 2013 8/28/2013
“What do certifications like those being earned at CLM's Claims College mean to you?" 9/26/2013
Around the Nation: September 2013 9/26/2013
"What are your thoughts on CLM's new Claims College?" 10/28/2013
Around the Nation: October 2013 10/29/2013
“What lessons did we learn from Superstorm Sandy as an industry?” 11/22/2013
Around the Nation: November 2013 11/25/2013
"What disaster or insurance-related event affected you most in 2013?" 12/30/2013
Around the Nation: December 2013 12/30/2013
“Who Is Your Top Influencer Right Now?” 1/31/2014
Around the Nation: January 2014 1/31/2014
Around the Nation: February 2014 2/28/2014
What are your top risk concerns? 3/31/2014
Around the Nation: March 2014 3/31/2014
Does the increased use of the cloud concern you? 4/25/2014
Around the Nation: April 2014 4/30/2014
Around the Nation: May 2014 5/20/2014
Claims College and the Blueprint for Success 5/23/2014
What’s the first thing you would print with a 3D printer? 5/30/2014
Around the Nation: June 2014 6/16/2014
Which is the way to go—multiline or specialized? 6/25/2014
Around the Nation: July 2014 7/21/2014
Is cyber risk a concern for you or your company? 7/28/2014
School of Transportation Deans Seek to Fill Gap in Claims Education 7/30/2014
Will you be sending staff to CLM’s Claims College, and what do you hope to gain? 8/20/2014
The Superheroes of Tomorrow 8/26/2014
Around the Nation: August 2014 8/26/2014
Is the rate of fraud growing or are we getting a grip? 9/24/2014
Around the Nation: September 2014 9/16/2014
Around the Nation: October 2014 10/24/2014
In managing the communications devices you use daily, do you feel you’re more or less productive than 10 years ago? 10/30/2014
Around the Nation: November 2014 11/19/2014
What do you think is the toughest element of handling a large loss? 11/24/2014
Around the Nation: December 2014 12/15/2014
What disaster or insurance-related event affected you most in 2014? 12/22/2014
Around the Nation: January 2015 1/15/2015
Where do you see the most exciting area of change in 2015? 1/28/2015
Around the Nation: February 2015 2/18/2015
How important were mentors in your career progression? 2/26/2015
Around the Nation: March 2015 3/19/2015
What do you see as the key to professional development? 3/31/2015
Around the Nation: April 2015 4/16/2015
What trend in workers’ compensation is the most challenging, and why? 4/27/2015
Around the Nation: May 2015 5/28/2015
A Chat with ClaimVets’ First Placement, State Auto’s Gregg Easterbrook 5/29/2015
Does the growth in private for-hire services or the sharing economy concern you? 5/29/2015
Around the Nation: June 2015 6/23/2015
Are hurricane and other weather forecasting models useful? 6/29/2015
Around the Nation: July 2015 7/23/2015
Are municipalities facing new trends for risk and claims? 7/28/2015
Around the Nation: August 2015 8/25/2015
Insurance Industry Firestarters 8/25/2015
Is the insurance industry ready for driverless cars? 8/28/2015
First-Class Graduates 9/25/2015
Around the Nation: September 2015 9/25/2015
Are we gaining ground in educating the next generation of claims professionals? 9/29/2015
Around the Nation: October 2015 10/28/2015
Should women consider the insurance industry a good place for a successful career without limits? 10/29/2015
What do you see as the most challenging insurance coverage issue today? 11/23/2015
Around the Nation: November 2015 11/17/2015
What is an important topic or area you’ll be watching in 2016? 12/28/2015
Around the Nation: December 2015 Holiday Gift Guide 12/14/2015
When it comes to workers’ compensation what are your top concerns? 1/25/2016
Around the Nation: January 2016 1/12/2016
For the insurance industry, where will technology have its biggest impact in the next five years? 2/23/2016
Around the Nation: February 2016 2/15/2016
Around the Nation: March 2016 3/22/2016
Is there anything new in the insurance fraud arena, or are things status quo? 3/29/2016
Is the world becoming more or less risky? 4/27/2016
Around the Nation: April 2016 4/28/2016
Around the Nation: May 2016 5/11/2016
Is construction claims and litigation becoming more or less complicated? 5/9/2016
When things are fairly quiet, how do you stay prepared? 6/28/2016
Around the Nation: June 2016 6/13/2016
Around the Nation: July 2016 7/18/2016
At the midyear point, what trends are you seeing in 2016? 7/28/2016
Around the Nation: August 2016 8/16/2016
Modern-Day Explorers 8/19/2016
What piece of advice would you give to young claims professionals? 8/22/2016
What is the most important trend in construction claims today? 9/26/2016
Around the Nation: September 2016 9/21/2016
What unique qualities do women bring to the insurance claims industry? 10/25/2016
Around the Nation: October 2016 10/14/2016
Around the Nation: November 2016 11/16/2016
How does Matthew compare to other past hurricanes like Andrew, Hugo, and Katrina? 11/28/2016
Around the Nation: December 2016 12/16/2016
“What was the most significant event, verdict, trend, or disaster in 2016?” 12/22/2016
Around the CLM - National 1/17/2017
What line of insurance holds something new or exciting for 2017? 1/27/2017
Around the CLM - National February 2017 2/15/2017
“Are millennials filling the talent gap in claims?” 2/28/2017
Around the CLM - National March 2017 3/17/2017
“What are the most exciting or interesting developments in municipal law?” 3/23/2017
Around the CLM - National April 2017 4/14/2017
What technology is having a big impact on insurance claims and litigation? 4/25/2017
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