Cayce Lynch

Administrative Partner, Tyson & Mendes


Lynch is the first to say that her role is not like most CLM members, in that as an administrative partner, she is more focused internally on her firm than she is litigating as outside counsel. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t driving change and creating some of the most innovative diversity, equity, and inclusive programs in our industry.

Some of the programs Lynch has helmed since joining Tyson & Mendes in 2018 include an enrichment program to support working parents and a wellness program that provides free resources to ensure employees stay mentally and physically healthy; a virtual onboarding program to welcome new team members and provide the tools they need to thrive as integrated members of the firm; a one-of-a-kind, inclusive program that allows attorneys to work on an hourly basis without compromising the quality of their legal career while still managing a meaningful caseload; and a partnership pledge that provides paths to partnership and gives current and incoming attorneys the opportunity to develop and practice the skills required to advance to partnership in the firm.

Above all of these successes, her proudest accomplishment is helping to increase female leadership representation within her firm, which, for its size, has been ranked first for its percentage of female equity partnership and second for percentage of female attorneys overall. This dedication to closing gender gaps and increasing firmwide diversity where social issues can be discussed openly has created an inclusive environment in which every team member can be their true, authentic self, making it a truly phenomenal place to work.

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