Anoush Holaday

Partner, Wood Smith Henning & Berman


Helping others get ahead is not just something Holaday does in addition to pursuing her own achievements; it is a core part of who she is personally, and she believes it is a key reason for her professional success. Recognizing her drive to lift up those around her, WSHB created the position of director of associate success so she could launch her vision of mentorship firm-wide across the nation. It is a role Holaday values deeply.

Her passion for mentorship is matched by her legal prowess. On the day Holaday was sworn in as a licensed California attorney, she wrote a summary judgment motion that would lead to the outright dismissal of her client from a seven-figure case. And she hasn’t slowed down. Her nominator mentions her “unprecedented motion work” challenging California’s “Right to Repair Act” among many other accomplishments. But Holaday takes perhaps the most pride in some of her lower profile wins where she is able to help clients, such as personal injury cases when her clients are wrongly named.

Holaday was elevated to partner in 2020. She proudly notes she was on maternity leave at the time and says that is an example of WSHB’s commitment to promoting women and people of color. She looks to further that cause by serving on WSHB’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force and, outside the firm, by presenting on panels such as CLM’s “Women in Construction: Our Presence, Our Impact” at the 2022 Construction Conference. Holaday’s career so far can truly be called phenomenal.

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