Antonio Irizarry

Managing Partner, CFI Consultants


With age comes experience, as the saying goes. Irizarry, though, has managed to pack in a lifetime’s worth of experience at just 37 years old. He is the CEO of his own consulting company, he supervises a staff of eight individuals, and he has been attending CLM annual conferences since 2011.

At CFI Consultants, Irizarry provides metrics to Fortune 100 defense clients on a range of issues, including independent adjuster performance and other defense-industry metrics. Irizarry says he has gained the skill and experience necessary to advise such clients by listening over the years to what they have wanted. As Irizarry describes it, his focus is on being the glue between litigation departments and law firms—identifying the issues and bottlenecks impacting each side and providing solutions through either a product, an evaluation, or an assessment.

CFI Consultants is recognized by New Jersey as a Minority Business Enterprise, and diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important focus for Irizarry. He is part of CLM’s DEI Committee. Irizarry points to the talent within his own team of young and diverse professionals as an example of why judgments should not be made based on a person’s age or background. Understanding a person as a whole, he says, is crucial as an employer and business person.

Irizarry has attended and presented at multiple CLM conferences over the years, most recently at the 2022 Litigation Management Symposium in Chicago. Whether he is solving problems for clients or speaking on stage at a CLM event, Irizarry has forged a phenomenal career.

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