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Workers' Compensation

The Cannabis Carousel

Round and round we go with state versus federal law. Is it time to get off the ride?

Whose Advantage Is It?

Lack of clarity over applicable statutes of limitation creates confusion

Bullying in the Workplace

Sticks, stones, and words can hurt employees, employers, and insurers

Are Waivers Worth It?

An update on enforceability in a COVID-19 world

When Death Is the Beginning

What happens when employees die on the job?

Recovering a Workers’ Compensation Lien

Differences between the Kelly formula and the Burns formula

Medicare Set-Asides and CMS

Reconsideration options and navigating Medicare’s review processes

Plain Language, Practice, or Policy?

Tips for defending COVID-19 workers' compensation claims

The State of Pay-For-Play

College athletes as employees and the implications for workers’ compensation

Quantifying Mental Health’s Impact

Utilizing data to understand mental health’s relation to workers’ compensation and disability claims

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  Workers' Compensation
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  Workers' Compensation
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