Workers' Compensation

Finding Alternatives to Narcotics in Workers Compensation

Opioid use in the age of prescription abuse, misuse, diversion, and over-prescribing

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Workers Compensation?

Here’s what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.

Be Kind and Keep It Simple

Managing litigated workers compensation claims through advocacy and empathy.

Walmart's COVID-19 Problem

How plaintiffs are bringing direct actions against employers like Walmart for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19.

Is It Compensable?

A COVID-19 workers compensation Q&A provides answers to common claims questions

Educating the Physicians

What treating providers don’t know about your workplace and your employees can hurt you

Cultural Competence and the Diversifying Workforce

With diverging workforce demographics, understanding unconscious bias is key

Compensability in the Age of Coronavirus

Examining potential workers compensation claims by looking at how courts have ruled on other diseases

Trauma at Work

Addressing bystander trauma through crisis intervention can be good for workers and for the workplace.

The Different Paths to Protect the Medicare Trust Fund

Medicare for all, continued privatization of Medicare, and growth of MSP enforcement are all on the table

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  Workers' Compensation
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