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Workers' Compensation

Are You In or Out?

Controlling exposure during the era of remote work

Clearing Up Non-Submit MSAs

Actually, there is still a choice when it comes to submitting MSAs for CMS review

Getting Under the Hood for Careful Comp Evaluation

Diagnosing the sensitive nature of California’s workers’ compensation crossover claims

Cutting Loose Never-Ending Comp Claims

Strategies for positioning problematic cases for closure

CMS Gets Serious About Non-Submit MSAs

Denial is real. Here’s what you need to know

The Rise of Cumulative Trauma Claims

Strategies for investigating and defending repetitive-movement injuries in the workplace

Of the (PEO)ple, by the (PEO)ple, for the (PEO)ple

Tepid optimism for professional employer organizations in the land of workers’ comp

Choose Your Path

Future medical allocations and the varying options for protecting Medicare’s settlement interests

A Trek Through Medical Treatment Options

Live long and prosper with this guide for handling referrals from authorized treating physicians

A Lot on the Line

Expanding parking lot law increases workers’ compensation exposure

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  Workers' Compensation
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