What line of insurance holds something new or exciting for 2017?

Keith G. Bremer, Bremer Whyte, and three others answer this month's question.

The Art of Winning

Personalizing the corporate defendant

Setting Up Your Safety Net

Why E&O insurance is necessary for transportation carriers

Love Me Tender

Elvis-inspired strategies for defense and indemnity tenders in product liability claims

When Good Employees Go Bad

Developing internal controls and red flags to prevent theft and embezzlement

Decoding the Mishmash of Mixed Coverage Claims

Have you ever felt your head spin when one claim includes both covered and uncovered elements?

When Pipes Go Pop

It’s not always Mother Nature’s fault when sprinkler lines fail.

Bringing Things Full Cycle

How to approach bicycle crash investigations from every perspective amid rising use

Around the CLM - National

We look at snow and ice immunity, where duty to protect ends, when cause of action accrues, and more.

The Evolution of Cyber Insurance

How did we get here and where are we headed?

Our Neighborhood

A New Home for CLM News, Education, and Opinions

State of Change

This new year, the inaugural issue of CLM magazine will bring together the best of both worlds.

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Darrell Brown

Darrell Brown - Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer, Sedgwick

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