Scary Claims and Litigation Trends

What frightens CLM members and fellows the most?

Getting to Know: Susan Levy

See how this trial lawyer and founding partner of Levy Pruett Cullen got her start—and the secrets to her success.

Let’s Settle This Online

The benefits of online mediation for personal injury disputes

It Pays to Give a Number

Want a defense verdict? Go figure

The Roundabout

The effects of COVID-19 on transportation claims and litigation

The Low Down on Driving High

CLM’s Transportation Community recently held a webinar entitled, “Driving Impaired? Toxicology, Legal, and Insurance Perspectives.”

CLM National: October 2020

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Focus on (Free) CE

CLM’s November Focus event helps you stay compliant

Matters of the Mind

Managing mental health claims proactively

Managing a Risk

Could wearing a face covering play a role in slip, trip, and fall claims?

Rising Water, Rising Concerns

Wind versus water, a private flood insurance marketplace, and solvency are just some of the issues on experts’ minds

Answers From the Ashes

Determining origin and cause becomes critical for the claims process in the aftermath of wildfires

Subrogating for Change

How wildfire subrogation is helping protect the public at large

Don’t Play Head Games

A look at third-party observations of neuropsychological examinations

Hope for the Future

What to expect from CLM in 2021

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